Thursday, 23 October 2014

2015 Eko-Leya: On Roseline Ada Chenge WE STAND by Diana Agbenu Ochoga

Yes, she picked the expression of interest form yesterday amidst fanfare , the PDP national secretariat stood still for her;
She paid respect to our man there Prof Jerry Agada who among other acknowledgements, said this meets my Eko-Leya dream;

The dream is fast becoming a reality by God's Grace;
Today some are asking which of the zone she is contesting from,that is chauvinism;
Its an attempt to kill the tremendous advantage her gender has bestow on her;
Nobody or Group will be allow to turn it into a disadvantage, it will be adequately resisted with not just women might, the youths are with us;
A serious minded woman must be on that ticket this time around;
She is foremost a SHE who is after the HEART of BENUE STATE;
Through HER, it will indeed be Our Benue, a Benue for all Benue State Men and Women though tribe and tongue may differ, also Our Youths and Children 's Future;
Let her be judge base on performances-offices held; as a wife, mother, daughter; and social- religious community builder;
Benue State has to continuously be on positive motion;
Lets Vote Ada Chenge.

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