Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Igede Nation- We want governorship seat in 2019

The people of Igede in Benue State have decried marginalization and neglect in socio-political affairs in the state.

President of the Igede Development Association in Anambra State, Mr Patrick Akobo, said yesterday at the 25th Igede Day Celebration in Igbo land which took place in Onitsha that the Igede tribe was not being carried along in appointments and postings, adding that his people are deprived, marginalized and suppressed.

He said Benue State is made of three major tribes which include Tiv, Idoma and Igede but that the Igedes have no post in government.

"We demand the restoration of the identity of Igede people in the political arena namely, the restoration of our first class chieftaincy, the right to represent Nigeria at ministerial and ambassadorial postings, and our right to identity must be reflected in the Federal Character Commission. The demand by Igede people for the Benue State governorship seat to be conceded to Igede in 2019 is not negotiable," he said.
The president noted that no amount of intimidation would stop their effort to liberate themselves from political marginalization. On the Igede day, Akobo said the celebration was conceived as a cultural re-invigoration as well as an occasion to display the rich cultural heritage of Igede people.

"Omi ny' Igede in Anambra State has set for itself the task of not only encouraging the use of Igede language at meetings and conversations but also the promotion of its study, hence we re-launched the Igede Study Centre today in Anambra State.

We thank the government of Anambra State for recognizing our traditional ruler (Eze-Ndi-Igede) after our appeal to the government at last year's Igede Day," he said.

Source: Idoma Voice

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