Sunday, 26 October 2014

Mike Onoja declares for Benue Zone C senatorial race

A former federal permanent secretary in the ministry of defence, Mike Onoja, yesterday officially declared his intention to contest the Benue Zone C senatorial seat in 2015.

Onoja would be contesting against the Senate President, David Mark who has been there since 1999 on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.

Onoja, who once contested against Governor Gabriel Suswan in 2007 to rule Benue State but failed is now out to remove Mark who has already been endorsed by some Idoma political leaders.

Addressing a crowd of supporters that gathered in his honor in Otukpo, the ancestral headquarters of the Idoma people, the elder statesman said it was unacceptable and undemocratic that one man will be in power since 1999 as he must have lost ideas as well as touch with the grassroots.

He said, “Deceiving our people is unacceptable and with your support we can stop that through the ballots.

“The zone C senate seat is not a birthright, neither is it a traditional stool that one man will lay claims to.

“In the same vain, we must change the baton, else it is breeding dictatorship, feudalism which end product is backwardness.”

Interestingly, Onoja got the endorsement of former Senate President, Ameh Ebute in the effort to remove Mark from the seat in 2015.

DailyPost observed that General Lawrence Onoja and Usman Abubakar, famously known as Young Alhaji have all tried in vain to oust Mark from the seat.
Source: DailyPost Ng

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