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Not All That Glitters - Episode 2 by Blessing‬ Ivy Jika

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Coming out of coma,I felt like I was in an entirely different world,the memories from my former world were that of a post man with a brown envelope,and me standing in my apartment with a wedding invitation card in my hand,with the words "tessa weds kelvin"ringing in my head.

It was so loud that I could hear them echo against the wall of my heart...
"Susan oluseun,your mother is here to see you" the nurse's voice brought me back from my thoughts.

I wanted to speak but my lips couldn't move, I just faked a smile and something like a nod.

The next voice I heard was that of the woman next to my heart.

"Temini, ba wo ni?" *

I hadn't heard that name in a while, my mommy and kelvin where the only people who called me by that name, the thought of kelvin brought tears to me eye lids, but I had to fight them, because my iya** would bring down the roof with her shouts if she sees me crying.

"I'm fine mum,iwo nko?"***, I managed a smile, she sat there and held my hand till i fell asleep.

No! No! No! I heard myself shouting when mommy woke me up, I was breathing heavily, I had a bad dream, the paper in my mum's hand was what shifted my concern from the dream."Mommy What's that?" The look on her face told me all was not well, she heaved a sigh.

"its y-y-your test result", she stammered,

"can i see it please?" she handed over, I couldn't stop my hands from trembling, was this part of the dream? I was two months gone? No that couldn't be true, I didn't want it to be true.

The thought of being pregnant scared me, but the thought of being pregnant for a man who was planning a wedding with my best friend made me wish I could go back into that coma. As if mommy could read my heart, she patted my head and gave me a peck,

"All is going to be well my child" I've been hearing that from mommy since daddy died when I was five years old..

"I have to see the doctor,he said you are ok to go home now" mommy said. She had not closed the door when hot tears started streaming down my cheeks.

"I love you temini,and I want to spend the rest of my life with you", I remembered kelvin saying to me, the night we made love for the first time, a month before my devastating visit,

"I love you too kelz" I replied as we began to kiss, memories of his strong hands on my face and his soft lips devouring mine, sent cold chills down my spine, this isn't the time to be going over your love tale with kelvin, I heard my reasoning tell me as she returned, I am pregnant, pregnant for my ex lover, now my best friend's hubby to be...

Mommy drove on our way back home, the sight of tessa's flat brought tears to my eyes, and a lot of things were going through my mind.

"Would you like to come home to lagos for a while?" Mommy asked noticing the pain in my eyes.

Home was definitely not here, everything here was looking exactly like it was some weeks ago, a lot had changed in a short while, but not the buildings and memories of Tessa and I, yes!I want to go home, home to family...

"Temini?" Mum said when she didn't get a response...

"Yes mum, I'd love to.mum handed me my phone when I got down from the car, I had a call, it was an unknown number, I figured it would be friends calling to sympathize.

I let it ring for a while then pressed the receive button, for a split second I thought I was dreaming

"Hello,can speak with susan?" was what I heard from the other end, the voice sounding too familiar!

"yes this is susan, who are you please?"

"Its kelvin"...

*Temini means mine, ba wo ni means how are you?" **iya means mother ***iwo nko means and you...... ‪#‎Blessing‬ Ivy Jika

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