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NOT All THAT GLITTERS - ( a true life story) by Blessing‬ Ivy Jika

Episode 1

The rains had just began when tessa and I decided to shop for sweaters,the sun was very hot and the clouds looked pregnant with rain. we left the house around 10am and decided to pay a visit to tessa's mum who got discharged from the hospital yesterday.
mrs albert,a woman in her fifties yet looks more of women in their early thirties. light skinned,very tall and elegantly built. "mumcy" as tessa and I always called her was very fond of us,she loved hanging out and doing things that required a lot of energy until her age began to tell on her,and as the permanent secretary to the minister for women affairs she traveled a lot,she was currently on a two months leave due to her health condition. 

she was very happy whenever she saw tessa and I like sisters since tessa never had any sister. sisters that was what tessa and I were like.I met tessa during my youth service in abuja.light skinned,tall and energetic like her mother. we stayed in the same close in maraba,her flat was two flats away from mine. we had a lot in common,the most common one was our love for fashion.

we left tessa's mum around 1pm and we headed straight for wuse market,we didn't spend much time in the market,I bought a pink sweater and tessa bought a blue one. 

on our way out of the market I saw a brown sweater that was exactly kelvin's size so I decided to buy it since I was going to see him tomorrow. kelvin and I had been dating for a year and half,we met when he was on I.T at the jos university teaching hospital(JUTH)where he is currently working. tessa and I got home very tired,she helped me pack my bags because I was leaving for jos the next day.

The cold air in jos welcomed me as soon as I stepped down from the bus.kelvin was already there waiting for me. a tall,muscular handsome young man. his eyes shone like the rising sun,his pink lips revealed a set of white teeth whenever he smiled,yes!yes and that smile,it could melt a frozen heart from miles away,tessa said so when kelvin paid us a visit in abuja 5 months ago.

 he helped me carry my luggage to the car and we drove home in silence,the silence continued until we took the last turn that led to his 2 bedrooms apartment. it bothered me when kelvin said very little to me.kelvin and I spoke a lot whenever we saw each other.

Even when I tried bringing up discussions he gave me monosyllabic responses so I gave up trying. it was like a dream when kelvin yelled at me when I gave him the sweater I bought for him and asked him to try it on.

I cried all through the night and kelvin wasn't bothered at all. I was on my way back to abuja first thing on sunday morning. tessa was not around when I arrived,she returned late from her mum's place.I couldn't wait to tell her all that happened as she was the only friend I trusted well enough to tell her of my problems with kelvin. Tessa in her usual comforting tone assured me all was going to be well.

I was so busy with work that it was until thursday I realized kelvin and I had not spoken. I decided to call him,the response I got sent chills down my spine. kelvin told me in this exact words"what is it susan?what do you want?its over between us,stop calling me".I didn't realise the phone fell from my ears until the shattering pieces jerked me out of somewhere,maybe dream land.

Days stretched into weeks and weeks into months,tessa was with me all the way,she made sure I was happy. Her leave was starting the next day.a lot happened to tessa since kelvin and I broke up,she met a guy during one of her office tours to kaduna and plans had already been made,she was supposed to meet his parents during the period of her two months leave.I helped her pack her bags,and we cried together that night till morning,she left for kaduna the next day.we always talked on phone but I never got a chance to talk to her fianc.

A month after tessa left,I was at home one saturday,when I heard a knock on the door. a man was standing outside my door with a brown envelope..I received it and bade him goodbye.."Tessa weds kelvin"was what I saw on the white lace banded wedding invitation card......‪. 
‎Blessing‬ Ivy Jika.
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