Wednesday, 22 October 2014

The GAME GABRIEL PLAYS by Akioyamen Josephine

The governor of Benue State, his excellency Gabriel Suswam is taking Idoma people for a ride. First, It was alleged by a reliable source close to the Governor that he, was the one, that brought Chief Mike Okibe Onoja into the race to take out Senator David Mark.

He abandoned that quest at the last moment upon a stern warning from the presidency. He has since left Chief Onoja in the lurch.
Second, his body movement shows he supports an Idoma Governor succeeding him whereas in reality, he is actively working against one.
He is alleged to have sworn never to preside over an Idoma Governor ascending the throne. He is hellbent on using those he has promised to support to carve up the Idoma delegate votes to render us irrelevant. It is politics the Akume way.
In reality he is supporting Terhemen Tarzoor, the former speaker of the House of Assembly and where that fail, Alex Adum, the immediate past commissioner for Justice and Attorney General. Tell our guys to wisen up. It is time for us to be strategic about this.

Unless they are looking for something else other than governorship those of our brothers counting on Suswam supports are just flying kites billowing in the wind with no direction.
They shouldn't let themselves be used to scuttle our collective aspirations. We must do cold calculations to put spanners in his works. We cannot afford any lackey of Suswam become Governor of Benue State.

Reply to "The GAME GABRIEL PLAYS" by Ede Ogaba Ede
Josephine, when in the face of everything contrary, you unrepentantly insist on and give what you call "the Chief Onoja's angle" as example of Gov. Suswam's meddlesomeness and attempt to ridicule the Idoma people, you fall for the dummy that has been cleverly sold to the Benue people.
That dummy conceived in DM’s political power laboratory and spread by his boys cast him as the"ultimate warrior", the defender of the Idoma people and the nemesis of the Tiv.
Through an intricate web of subterfuge, the Tiv people have come to blame DM for all their misfortunes even when they are caused by themselves while the Idoma are been brainwashed to believe that any good thing that comes to Idoma land is brought by DM even when he knows nothing of it .
He is seen as the defender of the Idoma cause and his agenda, even when it’s personal is seen as the Idoma agenda. This is the setting and DM is comfortable been cast in this mould.

Josephine, when you support DM the way you do and your support for him translates to your seeing any other person that does anything contrary to DM as being used by the Tiv people, it shows you have fallen for the dummy; hoodwinked like the gullible ones.

There are those who would want that DM be left to decide what he wants to do with the senate seat; when he wants to leave it; who should take over from him; who should represent the zone at the Green chamber of the national Assembly; who our representatives should be at the state House of Assembly and who our commissioners, board members council chairmen, etc, etc should be.

Your view today is that DM should spend another term at the Senate because of his aspiration to contest the presidency of the country in 2019.
No problem, but I ask this question, “In almost 16 years at the Senate, 8 of which he is spending as the Senate President, how well have we fared in infrastructural development? How many kilometres of new roads, for instance, have the federal government constructed in Idoma land? Have we gotten anything commensurate with the status of DM? Have we? To unreasonably impute evil intent to the action of others is to impugn their integrity.

Chief Mike Okibe Onoja is intelligent, experienced and solid enough to take his own decision without the prompting of any Tiv man. To say that he was brought in by Gov. Suswam to take out David Mark is an insult and a bad “example” to give in making your case for unity among the Idoma political elites.

Source: FB Group (Idoma People of Nigeria)

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