Thursday, 23 October 2014

Why Idoma and Tiv people must unite

The steps taken so far by the President, Idoma National Forum, Dr Okopi Momoh to strengthen the relationship between Idoma and Tiv people in Benue State is commendable, and should be applauded by all peace- loving people.
There is a general belief that Tiv and Idoma people are suspicious of one another, and cannot live together in peace and unity.
However, the recent meetings convened by the President of INF, Dr Momoh, with the various Tiv groups, to discuss issues as brothers and sisters in order to help develop the state, has proved that both people can come together and forge a common front.

Let me use this medium to urge Dr. Momoh to keep up the good work he is doing by strengthening the brotherhood ties between Idoma and Tiv people.

At this point, I want to call on all the Tivs and Idomas to collectively support Dr. Momoh’s mission of reinforcing and re-enhancing the relationship among them.
There could be no development in any state if there is no peace and unity.

While commending Dr Momoh, I also want to use this opportunity to appeal to the two groups to always work for the sustainability of peace in the state.
We should look at those things that unite us, rather than those things that divide us.
When we work together, we will be able to take our state to greater heights.

•Awunah Pius Terwase,
Benue State.

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