Tuesday, 4 November 2014


The people of south-senatorial district of Benue are in state of dilemma to chose between representative governance and politics of office.
They are yearning for the presence of of government in their zone but they are carried away by the office the man who claimed to represent their interests is holding in the hallow chamber.
Its a case of " You can not eat your cake and have it back". 
Since the arrival of democracy in 1999, one can hardly pin point exact federal project(s) the man leading the Senate house has lobbied to his constituency. 
Without mincing words, the man is up to no good. He has over stayed his welcome since its not his father's birth right.

Few persons that have benefited or hoping to benefit will be uncomfortable with this wake up call. I have the effrontery to say this because my people (Idoma people) are like the shoe-maker's wife walking bare footed.
The phantom Apa he is always using to deceive his people will not work for him come 2015. The people of Idoma want freedom but the man in charge of the Red chamber shouldn't capitalized on that and shortchange them. He is not our Moses nor Joshua and he is far from becoming one.

Once beaten twice shy, I want to admonish sons and daughters of Idoma to wave aside every sentiment or all divides separating us because its his own creation to keep us away from each other. 
I know Idoma people are scared of losing the number one (1) position in the senate house but they cannot because of this and mortgage the bright future of their land and children.
I wish to challenge him or anybody who feels am not being fair to him to a public debate here in Abuja or Otukpo township stadium. I will equally give him the opportunity to chose a date the public debate will hold.
Conclusively, am not out to smear his personality but to enshrine participative and purposeful representation that will benefit us all and the next generation to come.
Longlive New Nigeria Youth Village Square
Longlive Idoma nation
Longlive Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Comrade STONE Emmanuel

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