Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Idomas react as Tarzoor wins gubernatorial primaries in Benue State.

Some leaders of Idoma youths organisations have reacted to the continuous political marginalisation being meted to them in their State by their Tiv brothers who have been ruling the State for over 38 years.

Reacting after the PDP primary election where a native of Tiv (Terhemen Tarzoor) was declared winner of the primaries, Akioyamen Josephine -coordinator of 'Idoma People Of Nigeria' (IPN) and a public affairs analyst lamented that its clearly the Idoma's turn to rule the State having served as deputy since creation of the State in 1976.

Akioyamen blasted the governor for betraying the Idoma people who unanimously gave him blocks of votes in 2011 in exchange for the gubernatorial slot in 2015.

On his part, coordinator of Idoma Governor Support Group (IGSG ) Comr. Apeh Peterhot called on all Idomas to decamp from the PDP and press for their quest to govern the State in either APC or any other political party. He further stressed that since the Benue elders have failed to do what's just in God's eyes, the youths might be forced to embrace and explore other options in other to realise the Idoma dreams.

Reacting to the result live from venue of the primaries election in Makurdi, Daybreak Newspapers correspondent cum politician Prince Yemi Itodo said the Idoma people betrayed themselves over selfish gains adding that if all Idoma had jointly given their votes to an Idoma consensus, things would have changed for better. He however urged the Idoma youths to remain calm and use their head to vote in the general election this time around.

Reacting on telephone call, one of the brains behind the Idoma group rally that was staged recently in Makurdi Comrade Ameh Godwin lamented that the Tiv could not consider the plights of Idoma people and Benue State after underdeveloping the State for too long. He said democracy entails fair sharing and wondered why the Tiv people are so blind to see the Idoma as the biblical John of the State.

Also reacting to this political happening, Engr. Dan Atayi said its high time the Idoma people realised and explore every other option and desert the PDP who have failed them over the years.

What's your thought on this? Do you think its too late for Idoma to become governor of the State?


  1. The best method is 'eat and give your brother'

  2. We all know the Tiv (who are majority) will never ever let an Idoma man (or woman) rule "their" state. Let's hope the confab report requesting for new states passes legislation, then Idomas will govern their own state. Besides, the Tivs are more united politically than the Idomas, they organise themselves far better, Idomas have tried albeit unsuccessfully to dislodge D Mark from the Senate, he is our only chance of holding the number 3 seat in this country and we fought him in 2011. Idomas should first unite under one umbrella (not the PDP umbrella o). I'm an Idoma man and I know my people fight themselves more than they fight strangers. It's like our own curse. Let's break this yoke, then we can move forward.