Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Rt. Hon.Terhemen Tarzoo Wins Benue PDP Governorship Primary

Result Update

Terhemen Tarzoor- 517
Steven Lawani - 311
Samuel Ortom - 111
Ada Chenge - 47
Sam Ode - 48
Mike Kaase Aondoakaa - 25
Mathias Oyigeya - 5
Terhemba Shija - 3

The News Agency Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Prof. David Ker, Andy Owouku, Alex Adum, Hinga Biem, Felix Atume, Tivlumun Nyitse, Dr Eugine Aliegba, Mr Simon Anchaver, James Mbachiantim and Terhemba Nongo, individually announced their withdrawal at the election venue.


  1. that to tell u that apc will win governorship in Benue. assuming is ortom that win d race it would ave been different

  2. PDP continuous show of shame has reached benue state,so much embarrassment to people of integrity and embracing corruption

  3. Apc will win this years governorship election in benue state, bcos tarzor is a small boy, common house of assembly he can't win talk more struglin governor wit opposition.