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APC Benue Senatorial controversy: Madaki Ameh, Dan Onjeh wash dirty linen in public

There is an ongoing verbal battle between two Senatorial aspirants in Benue South, otherwise known as Zone C. The two who have thrown caution to the wind and are now embarrassingly washing their dirty linen in public are former NANS president, Comrade Dan Onjeh and Chief Madaki Ameh.

DAILY POST recalls that Comrade Onjeh has already  declared by the Benue state chapter of the All Progressives Congress as its sole candidate. Report says the names of qualified candidates running for various positions under the party platform would be published on January 13, 2015.

However, Both aspirants have accused each other of being fraudulent and being indebted to each other.

Madaki Ameh who threw the first shot was merely reacting to an earlier statement by Onjeh who had ‘saluted’ his courage in the fight for the race. In his statement over his victory, Onjeh said ‘’I congratulate my opponent Bar. Madaki Ameh for his dogged fight. He greatly strengthened the roots of internal democracy in our party. Like everyone of us, Madaki is very passionate about change in our land, as such we will work with him, to consolidate our support-base for the ultimate victory come Feb 14, 2015, by God’s Grace!’’

However, in his reaction and in what appeared like a refusal of any option of working with the APC Senatorial candidate, Madaki accused Onjeh of being fraudulent, disclosing that he was still being owed N700,000 which he lent him in 2011. He tagged onjeh as a cheap and desperate politician who was a failure as a student. He further accused him of being rusticated from both Nigeria and Ghana universities, saying he was not fit to contest for a senatorial seat.

Madaki said; “This is yet another laughable fraud, from a cheap, desperate individual, who to date still owes me N700,000 he begged me to lend him during his failed, wild goose chase for the House of Reps position in 2011, which he lost shamefully to an obviously better candidate.

“Since then, he has also ran for Local Government Chairman and lost. I bet, if he runs for Councillor, he will also lose. I have always wondered how a man with such questionable antecedents, whose academic credentials after his serial rustication from a Nigerian and Ghanaian University can delude himself into thinking that he can ever be anything meaningful in life, worse still a distinguished senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. If that is the pedigree of persons who aspire to such positions, then that is taking a joke in governance in Nigeria too far.

“In any event, all I can say here is that all this seems like symptoms of withdrawal syndrome to me. Otherwise, how does one account for the sudden breakdown in tears and outbursts against members of SARS who came to the venue of the rescheduled primaries on 10th December 2014, leading the head of the party delegation to the primaries wondering whether indeed this despicable individual is running for Senate!

“In any event, the APC hierarchy in Benue State now needs to bring this deranged idiocy to a close by making a definitive statement on this matter. And I believe they will do so in a matter of days….

“Everyone has a right to contest for any position in the land. But it does not have to be under the Platform of our great party, the APC.

“Those fuelling this confusion to achieve their nefarious objective of perpetrating the incumbent in that office will soon be put to decisive shame”.

In a swift reaction, Comrade Onjeh said he was used to Madaki’s diversionary antics, accusing him of resorting to frivolities instead of presenting facts. Onjeh however denied that Madaki lent him N700, 000, but admitted he supported his campaign with N500,000 that cannot be seen a borrowed sum. He further accused Madaki of borrowing N150,000 which he only paid back after several weeks. He said he saved Madaki from an embarrassing situation in Gwarinpa where he was not able to pay for the fuel he bought on credit.

Onjeh also denied the allegation that he was rusticated from both Ghana and Nigeria universities, saying ‘’ All you said about my life as an activist and educational career is just a figment of your imaginations! I hold a B.A Political Science and Economic Double Hons. from the prestigious University of Ghana. I have lived my life for people!’’

He said; “@Madaki Ameh: Lolz! We have being on this path with you for long and I know you diversionary antics! Rather than present facts you resort to frivolities to divert attentions. Simply show your INEC ACKNOWLEDGMENT here to prove you the APC’s Candidate for the Benue South Senatorial District.

“A man who is down fears no fall, thus, your mudslinging! I will not condescend to the gutters with you, but rather, put you in proper perspective. Just for the records, contrary to your claim, I organized fund raising for my Electioneering Campaign in 2011, and like every other person, you donated N500, 000, and I really did appreciate.

“Your infantile outburst here clearly suggest that your gesture was driven by your hope that I would win and, hence, you contributed as an investment, you would be absolved of any blame in this regard, because the whole world knows that I won that election but rigged out.

“You will recall, that you ran to me for a loan of N200, 000 about 7 Months ago, and I borrowed you N150, 000, with the promise to pay back after 3days and it dragged for 2 and a half months before you paid, Also, I cleaned up your mess of 10K at the MRS filling station opposite Citech Gate, Gwarimpa, Abuja, own by your Adoka kinsman who openly embarrassed you for owing him longer than necessary for the fuel you bought on credit for your car, and all these I made mentioned to no one.

“I met you for the 1st time in my life when you joined us in APC in 2011, but I have known a volume bout you in this short period; you are such a pathological liar! You may have had money in the past, but now living on past glory.

“Simple fact, you didn’t buy your Nomination/Intent Forms for N3.3 Million as prescribed by the party, and it was in the interest of fairness, justice and equity you did so to be qualified as my opponent, simplicita!

“Also, you will recall that in your desperation to woo delegates to your side, you bought Okpa and soft drinks to go with for a section of the delegates on credit worth 33K from an Igede woman at the IBB Square Makurdi, with the promise of going to the bank to withdraw money and return to pay but absconded, the woman and her other colleagues that she collected items from to meet your demand waited endlessly for your return in vain, hopelessly cried round the entire vicinity until she ran into your town’s man and also the Secretary of your very Adoka Ehaje Ward, Oche Ochepo-08166295913, whom you directed to distribute the Opka to delegates and she invited the police to arrest him.

“He was detained overnight at the B Division Police Station in Makurdi, without your glimpse, and charged to Magistrate Court 8 at North Bank in Makurdi, on the Dec 12, 2014, where he was ordered for remand by the Magistrate. Upon the pleading of the APC State Legal Adviser, that I shelve politics and intervene, I acceded and payed off your debt to receive your brother on bail.

“On the two occasions of the botched Benue South Primary Election, you ran away, leaving me solely with task of catering for the transportation of over 2, 855 delegates including those whom you committed to chatter buses on credit.

“You contested for Reps primary election under the PDP primary you lost and defected to the defunct ACN to seek the same ticket, lost again and you immediately ran back to the PDP before that year’s general election, not just that, upon returning, you organized a reception for Sen. Mark at his Akpegede Golf Course, where you addressed him as the best Senator in Nigeria, and afterwards, for obvious reasons of your flip-flap character he dashed your hope of Favour seeking and in a volt face manner as expected of you, driven by vendetta, and certainly for change, you again joined the opposition party for the 2nd time in 3 years to seek ticket for Senate, and you shamelessly have the effrontery to question my integrity?

“Against these backgrounds, just how are you a responsible man deserving of the high Office of the Senate?

“Perhaps you don’t know me, but google my name and read about my antecedent; we are not on the same integrity pedestal please! I worked for the Transparency and Anti- Corruption Campaign In Africa (TRACA) as the Program Director, and the Community Centre for Development (CCD) as Executive Director before joining partisan politics and I left on my own volition.

“Kindly tell your audience here how you ingloriously exited from former job!

“All you said about my life as an activist and educational career is just a figment of your imaginations! I hold a B.A Political Science and Economic Double Hons. from the prestigious University of Ghana. I have lived my life for people!

“Just for your information, proudly yes! I was dealt a blow of Expulsion at FUT Minna, during the Abacha/Abdulsalami junta and reinstated by the Presidential Visitation Panel under the Obasanjo’s regime in 2000, which found my cause to be noble. I was again indefinitely suspended in 2001 and I embarked on a successful self reinstatement struggle same year as the then NAN’S Zone A Coordinator, and finally suspended for 3 Sessions.

“All on the grounds of activism and being proactive, which you saw in me at Otukpo when I asked the SARS to ensure the right was done at the primary or be ready to shoot me. My academic records are clean and straight at FUT Minna.

 “God has anointed me to lead a revolution against Islamic jihadists” – Oyedepo
“As a student activist, I was uncompromising, I incessantly fought for the democratization of the institutions of learning in Nigeria, and for improved students’ welfare. Not only that, I wagged series of struggles against the obnoxious and inimical policies of the successive regimes in Nigeria while I was the President of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) and President West Africa Students’ Union (WASU), on all fronts. I was 16 times detained in the police station , 3 times incarcerated in the prison.
“I passed through fire to be where I’m and a million times over given the same circumstances, I will repeat my actions, no regrets! I have never, and will never compromise my views and principles for a free and democratic society!”been

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