Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Agatu is a Local Government that's located in the Western part of Zone C (The Idoma Nation) of Benue State. The Agatu People are kind and peace loving beings.

They are predominantly Farmers and a very stronghold of Idoma Nation as a whole. Today, the hand of love and kindness they (The Agatu People) extended to the Fulanis by allocating to them a portion of Land to dwell in, farmed on, rear and graze their cattle have thrown the Agatu People into a deep Ocean of agony and lamentation as the Fulanis are now reciprocating the kind gestures rendered to them by the Agatu people through evil manners and means.

The Fulanis are now paying back with evil the good done unto them by the Agatu Peoples. All Fulanis are Jihadist. They believe in conquering by violence. These Sons and Daughters of Satan, these Haramite, these enemies of progress, these Boko Haram, they desired to violently conquer Agatu by killing them and at the end, make sure the few that may or will survive the upheaval must conform to their desires. And as we all knows, to be alive is to resist. Kindly pay a condolence or a commiserating visit to the People of Agatu and you will deeply weep for humanity. You will weep because Agatu people are in pains, Because they are seriously suffering, they are experiencing hell on Earth, they are in total despair.

You will cry uncontrollably the way you will see and hears the way innocent Children are pitifully crying and asking for the whereabouts of their Parents, you will run out of emotions the way you will see and hears innocent Parents hopelessly crying and asking for the whereabouts of their innocent Children, they painfully wailed and ask for the whereabouts of God. Indeed, God where are you? You will be touched deep down your heart the way you will see how scattered around the brians, eyeballs and intestines of our people sluttered by these agents of evil. You will be touched to the marrows of your bones the way hunger and starvation is befalling on them, they are gradually becoming refugees in their own land.

 For how long will this evil continue in Agatu? At this juncture, I want to heartily asked our Leaders some imperative questions; Idoma Area Traditional Council (IAT), what measures are you putting up to stop these Fulani marauders from killing our people? Idoma National Forum(INF) what plans have you for our people that these Haramite are killing in Agatu? All the Local Government Chairmen in Zone C what are you doing to curb this incessant killings of our people? All the House Of Assembly Members from Zone C and in Benue as a whole, what are you doing to stop the evil these Marauders are unleashing on our people at Agatu? Mr. Governor, as the Chief Security of our State; what are you doing to put this senseless killings of your people to a stop? All the House Of Reps from Zone C, please do something! Mr. Senate President, please do something!! And Finally, if Agatu looses a soul, it is Idoma Nation that lost that soul, it is Benue State that and Nigeria as a whole that lost that soul and therefore, Mr. President please do something before this situation become worse than it is now. May God Help All Of Us.

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