Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Rufus Ogakwu‎: Booming Broom Revolution and the Ortomic Renaissance in Benue.

The wave of defection from the PDP to the APC in Benue state has tactically eroded the probable chances of the party in the coming governorship election in the state.

The state has never witnessed this kind of regression in a ruling party few days preceding a very crucial election.

The organized and creative instability in the PDP instigated by the crude maladministration of the state by SUSWAM is on the verge of consuming the party and has been converted to great strength and advantage by the Ortom broom potentates and vassals.

The tattered and shredded umbrella has brought great benefits and opportunities to the broom revolution as the 'broomers ' are set to expand at dizzying heights.

The chaos in PDP outstrips any attempts at its possible redemption and it is offering the perfect environment for highly placed mandarins of the party to exit at great rate.

Most of the defections from the party are not even motivated by politics but by a desire to abbreviate suswams political standing and career as well as make him pay dearly for his unfulfilled promises to them.

Among this group of aggrieved adherents are the Akpereshi ,Akputu ,Aondoakaa.Akpereshi was one one of the celebrated leaders of the armed wing of the decaying Suswam political structure .

This backsliding of PDP brass hats outweighs the likelihood of any gain by the party in the coming governorship election in the state.

Politicians in TiV land are also baffled by the recklessness of Suswam which the feel is a collective indictment of their race as most of them where his chorus men.

To atone for their complicity, they have resolutely resolved to destroy the last vestiges of the Suswan legacies,his boy Terhemen Tarzoor.
This are the factors fueling the burgeoning support for Sam Ortom of the APC .

Most annoyingly ,the people of the state views SUSWAMs regime as the home to the largest and most dangerous criminal syndicate domiciled in any government house in central Nigeria.

In zone C the APC is putting the much needed efforts to counter pdp calculations to harvest the usual block votes from the area.
The APC is wrecking havoc at this myth as most of the facilitators of this winning votes in zone C have fled PDP.

PDP has been practically buried in Zone .
Another stronghold of PDP in zone C, Okpokwu council has been decimated by APC because of the menace of Abba Moro.Party members have fled the party because of the Moro scourge.It is only Abba and his inner coterie that constitute the party in the area.

The tumultuous politics of Zone A has already consumed the Kpatuma ui,Mr Gabriel Suswam as he was bloodied and mercilessly brutalized by the Organde Kpatuma ui,Sen.Gemade during the last senatorial election.

Suswams criminally over bloated political ego was effectively hacked down by Gemade.
Suswams support base continues to diminish and dwindle few days to the crucial governorship election .

It was unthinkable in the days of yore for his Logo kinsmen to contemplate opposition to his political views. But few hours ago his Logo kinsmen decamped en mass from PDP to APC.

His people are more determined in hacking his ego.
In zone B area of the state,Akume is the undisputed leader of the area and the APC leader in the state,it is a no go area for PDP.
They only viable option for PDP in this scenario is for Suwswan and Tarzor to start negotiating for a soft landing from Ortom.

The PDP and Tarzors problems are further compounded by suswams inability to pay salaries arrears of eight months to teachers and civil servants in the state,tertiary institutions are on indefinite strike in an election period as well as the surging insecurity in Zone A.

This means more people will be drawn to the APC during the governorship election.
PDP's coordinated attempts to fight this organized grand coalition against it through violence and mayhem still face insuperable problems due to subversion of the process of the payment of stipends to this hired hoodlums.Their allowances have been misappropriated in the usual suswam ideology,fraud.

Bye PDP ,Bye Suswam,Sorry Tarzoor, Congratulations Ortom.
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