Sunday, 26 April 2015

Rufus Ogakwu‎: Official Cargate Scam: The Ortom Gaffe

Mr Ortom needs to be careful so as not to upset his current goodwill among Benue people while Suswam will get away with his impunity.

His current sizzling romance with Suswam will only have a dichotomous outcome which will be cataclysmic for his administration.
He should brace up because Suswam is an old experience street kid who is ahead of Ortom in all the departments of chicanery .

Suswam only lost in the last elections but very adept at whimsical and crude statecraft .He is still on top of his game.

He is an old fox in deception and deceit.
As an impartial analyst,I can say he has taken the sail from Ortom with the Jeep saga.

Benue people are now skeptical and no longer trust the governor elect to stimulate the needed change in the state.
Ortom should have rejected those hyper inflated jeeps on grounds of principle especially when public servants are owed 7 months salaries arrears in the state.

We had hoped Ortom will be a political deterrent against the ruinous Suswam epidemic but he is hobnobbing and learning their crooked ways by accepting those luxurious vehicles in the face of the violent hunger and poverty in the land .

Ortom should make amends and come out clean to earn our trust anew.
Suswam has ruined the state and our people can testify to this with their living conditions especially the state's public servants.
Ortom has only given Suswam more strength than himself and made his supporter more distant from him by accepting these cars .

With power comes great responsibility, Mr Ortom/ Abounu.
Ortom should not use this unsolicited toxic gift till inaugural day to reclaim our trust.
A failure of trust in the offing.

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