Tuesday, 5 May 2015

#Benue gov-elect woos #Chinese investors

Benue State governor-elect, Samuel Ortom, has taken a step towards ensuring economic growth in the state during his government by embarking on foreign investment drive to China.

According to sources close to the governor-elect , the move to bring in direct foreign investments, exploit the state’s potentials, create jobs and make Benue truly the food basket of the nation, among others.

In the team of the governor-elect to China are Chief Audu Ogbe, former minister and chieftain of All Progressives Congress (APC) and also foreign investment consultant and chief executive of Blue Diamond, Felix Mbisiogu.

The main areas of discussions with the Chinese firm visited centred on agriculture, energy from coal, airport and industrialization of the state.

Speaking on his mission, Ortom said the purpose of his visit was to hit the ground running because the state needs urgent transformation in order to join others on the path of development.

He noted that he has to start work very early so as to fullfil his campaign promises, because four years is a short time, saying: “Before you know it, four years will come and go.”

The governor-elect said he is desirous of engaging Benue people to work by “creating jobs and making it truly the food baskets of the nation.”

Speaking in the same vein, Ogbe, harped on the importance of agriculture and expressed worry over the future of the children in terms of providing food for them.

He equally noted that Benue has what it takes to export food, even after meeting the food needs of the nation, as the population of Nigeria keeps growing.

He said:“Agriculture is the key to the growing population of Nigeria, and in 2050 Nigeria’s population will hit 450million people. This is the reason we are going to focus on agriculture to feed the nation and also export; we have what it takes to achieve that.”

He advocated for mechanised agriculture as today’s youths are no longer interested in manual labour.
On his part, the Blue Diamond boss observed that power is the key problem militating against the economic growth of the country, stating that 70 per cent of the nation’s problems is because of lack of power.

He urged the Chinese firm visited, CGCOC, to focus more on power, pointing out that Nigerians are really having hard times because of unsteady power supply.

The businessman noted that with steady power African countries will start patronising Nigerian products instead of Chinese.

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