Wednesday, 6 May 2015


Hilarious Comedian/Actor, MC Smart sat down with Damian Ashinjo to discuss his career, relationship and lots more on his birthday.

How are you doing sir?

Am good boss

Ok so tell us what we don’t know about the controversial comedian/actor Mc Smart

Mc Smart is Oche Joseph Udeh from Benue State, Idoma speaking tribe of Okpokwu Local Government. I am from a family of seven, second to the last born with a single parent because my Dad is late. Since 1995. I am a final year student of Benue State University studying Political Science.

That’s wonderful, so today being May 6th and we gathered that it’s your birthday, how do you feel and what does it remind you of?

I feel elated, blessed and honoured. Today reminds me of how I started entertainment with my first movie, winds of hope. The movie was the magic behind my career and platform. After the movie I was awarded the best actor with a scholarship. That helped also…

(cuts in) Wow! A scholarship? Can you throw more light on that?

Yes the movie produced by Mrs Angela Den featured a lot of rising and made actors then in Kaduna State, my birth place. But with God I was awarded the best actor with the option to receive 200k or a full time scholarship to finish my secondary school at any school of my choice, so I chose Gaskiya Skills International School where I finished from, cos na school sure pass o.

Hahahhaha I do know dat school, weldone man… well a lot of things have been happening in your life lately, from the next movie star house show, the campaign for the Senate President and the Era of LOL, of course we know your are working on so many things, so tell us what has been your driving force. I mean your strength, your inspiration to never give up?

Its been God almighty, Owecho (idoma) Aondu (Tiv) Allah (Hausa) Chineke (Igbo) and my Mum, the fear not to disappoint her for all she has done for me is the reason why I am trying to me responsible not to be an Agboro.

Awwww how touching… ok Mc Smart as your are popularly called, with all these activities here and there, do you still put into a romantic relationship? *chuckles

Hmmmm. Behind every successful man there’s always a mother and woman. Yes
I have a woman I love so dearly I have never been single

Hahahaha, so dat means you are in a relationship, how nice. Can we know her? * chuckles

Wetin concern her with this matter Sir? leave Ali to be Ali and Simbi to be Simbi. That side of me is private till I am set for Marriage.

Hahahaahahahahha, Mc Smart ok ooo very funny, today being your special day any celebration? Are we invited if yes?

Yea. Nothing to exaggerate sha but Balcony parks and garden would be hosting me tonight with friends in a Suya nite event So guys, turn up!

Nice one, that shows how important you are in the society


What can you say about your brand in the next five years?

Even Devil remain blind on my hustle and God continue dey flash me torch light. Ama make naija proud.

Amen! I love to ask this question all the time, you might just want to answer it… if you were given an opportunity to change something about yourself, what would that be?

My blood too dey hot. I for calm down.

Hahahahaha, is that it?


Ok, very brief…what can you say about this platform?

It’s great and the next big thing in Benue. About the best we have now

Hmmmm, how remarkable… finally a few words to your fans and peeps out there who want to be like you

To my fans. I wanna say a big thank you for following me from inception till now. Keep downloading my skits, songs and anticipate my next future movie. I love you all. Nothing is comparable to you. I don’t think anyone would want to be like me. But if any please work hard and don’t give audience to laziness.

Ok, before we round up, we’ve notice your brand Star Trace Movement has been doing well it has signed new acts like chygoz and all, tell us more about STM?

STM is star trace movement. An entertainment outfit synonymous with Mc Smart Chygoz, Mc Gagaz, Emperor Swags, Mc freshboi and Brenda. It’s a platform established to promote entertainment and talent. The label is working on a project that would involve Nigeria as a country. Am not saying this because I’m the president of STM, but the truth is, STM is about the biggest and the next big thing in Nigeria. We have been working round the clock. We won’t relent until we get to that peak. Laff Out Loud season 2 is coming up soon, immediately after the inauguration. Shout out to team STM!

Wow, that’s nice. We wish you a wonderful celebration and God’s blessings. Thank you 4 finding time to grace our hot seat today. It was indeed a wonderful experience doing this with you, Gracias man!

Thank you


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