Monday, 18 May 2015

#FRSC: Enforcement Of Speed Limiting Devices Across #Nigeria Begins June 1

The sector commander, who made this known in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State on Saturday at a one-day sensitisation workshop for fleet operators in the state, pointed out that most road crashes that resulted in fatality were as a result of over speeding.

The enforcement of speed limiting devices for commercial vehicles nationwide will come into effect as from June 1, the Akwa Ibom State Sector Commander, Mr. Ramalan Yerima, has stated.

He stated that once the speed limiting devices had been installed in a vehicle, the drivers of such vehicles would not be able to exceed the regulated speed.

Mr. Yerima further noted that the move would not only help reduce road crashes and unfortunate carnage on the country’s roads, but also extend the lifespan of vehicles and reduce fuel consumption.

According to the FRSC boss, traffic crashes are more likely when drivers allow themselves to be controlled by vehicles, adding that under certain speed, drivers are likely to lose the control of their vehicles, unlike when going at normal speed, where they can still control the vehicles.

Yerima said the Akwa Ibom Transport Corporation had already embraced the technology, adding that the trend had helped the firm avert fatality on the country’s roads.

He said, “With effect from June 1, the command will enforce the use of speed limiting devices on commercial vehicles to reduce road crashes across the country.

“Fleet operators are expected to install the speed limiting devices in all their vehicles to check drivers’ excessive speed. Once the speed limiting devices are installed, excessive speed will be forcefully reduced”.

Yerima pointed out that the device would be produced in conjunction with Standards Organisation of Nigeria to ensure standard and avert faking of the device.

According to him, speed limit for all commercial vehicles on the highways is 90 km/h while that of private is 100 km/h.

On the penalty for defaulters, the sector commander explained that the national headquarters of the commission would assign fines for offenders once enforcement begins next month.

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