Wednesday, 13 May 2015


It is most certain that Daniel Onjeh, one of the claimants to the senatorial candidature of the APC in the just concluded National Assembly  Elections,  particularly in Benue South Senatorial District is on the heels of a psychological breakdown combining from acute substance abuse and schizophrenic accentuation. If not, how would he ever imagine that his attention-seeking ventures towards our leader and foremost statesman of the 21st century- Sen. David Mark could ever get him a mention in national terms?

    It is not in doubt that Onjeh suffers from personality expectation deficiency syndrome and Senator Mark and the entire Idoma nation is not responsible for his setbacks. His journey to this abruptive end is both historical and notable:

(1)     His inability to finish from any school both at home here and near abroad- Ghana is not our fault. We have consistently reminded him that the attempt to suggest that authoritarian pursuit by the agent of government was responsible for his not completing school is at best an orchestrated fable. Falana and other notable troubled student activists in the past all took the crucible to end their academics here, not to talk of a mere Onjeh that did not have our authority in his pursuit in Ghana where he was unable to also conclude his education;

(2)     Senator Mark, Comrade Abba Moro and others close to Senator Mark were responsible for his tuition and other fees for which he consistently swindled them to be paying in Ghana where he was busy all through houseboying for a junior government minister in Ghana abandoning school after the first year. If we had cared about Onjeh’s candidature, our first assault would have been to challenge the  legitimacy of his apparently forged degree certificate(s), a case we are sure he would never had escaped;

(3)     Onjeh has not learned and will never learn. Let him crosscheck the checklist of previous senatorial attemptees against Senator Mark ­‑ Senator Ameh Ebute, Alhaji Usman Abubakar (aka Young Alhaji), Gen. Chris Garuba, Gen Onoja, Chief Mike Onoja etc. If he ever cared  to check, he would understand that his ambition was chronically schizophrenic. Even for a chap who hardly could speak the Idoma dialect, we considered him as  a candidate without an audience.

If due to his conditions, he has coerced his marginalised thoughts to believe that he polled those vote against the PDP and Senator Mark, let him again consider these: non- payment of salary to workers by the state government for several months, the bandwagon effect of change, the mistaken notion by some voters that the candidate may have been Madaki Ameh , mass apathy, etc combined to give him those votes. Those votes were APC garnered votes from protest situation not necessary for Onjeh. Infact, if the APC didn’t present any candidate at all for the election, they would still have had such votes considering the mood of the times. The PDP had control of the zone owing largely to the delivery, representation, projects  and statesmanship of Senator Mark ;

(4)     For the avoidance of doubt, not even the combined pedigree of Idoma APC heavy weights could have posed any threat whatever to Senator Mark’s re – election and record breaking fifth term. Infact, the Idoma consensus around Sen. Mark was so strong and complete that all worthy Idoma sons and daughters refused the ticket of all opposing party except Onjeh whose ambitious streak led him to that catastrophic trial;

(5)     If not an attempt at a debilitating attention programme, Onjeh was defeated in all 9 local governments and in over  two third of all the  102 wards; abandoned by his party stalwarts for fore-knowledge of the outcome of that election;

(6)     After  failing to criminally obtain money from Senator Mark’s campaign for a possible withdrawal and not having the resources to engage reputable electoral attorneys, Onjeh is resorting to ’saharalization’ of his candidature. Did Yuguda, Babangida Aliyu, Dakingari, etc  not lose their elections? Why is this school dropout disturbing humanity about an election that he did not even stand half a chance, but only for the purposes of filling vacant and available elective party primary positions,

(7)     We have consistently noted that Onjeh is not qualified to be a councillor, let alone a senator of the Federal Republic. Even the combined activities of Engr. Abounu, Gen. Onoja and all the forces within APC and indeed Benue State are not even formidable enough to pose a threat to Sen. Mark’s political carriage. The boy needs help and he is seeking it from the wrong end;

(8)     In a 21st century political platform, young lads like Onjeh who has never had the miem and character to finish formidable education, should be encouraged to do so as there are no excuses now for his age bracket not to complete a sound degree; and

(9)     Conclusively ,just before the helpless and limited Onjeh gets chained by physical circumstances of drug abuse and psychological debilitation of unrealizable potentials, he should be candidly reminded that Sen. Mark perhaps before he was born, was Buhari’s  youngest Governor  in Niger State and both has tremendous and guided national respect for themselves. The Senate President in his present capacity and given his antecedents as an unparalleled lion of the Nigerian legislature does not need genuflative overtures to visit Buhari. Any meeting between the two at all points would be necessitated  by national pull.

                                                                    CHEIF IKWUJE AJONYE- PRESIDENT

                                                                    HON. SULE AUDU SULE- SECRETARY- 09033533385

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