Saturday, 30 May 2015

Leadership By Example: El-Rufai, Deputy Cut Own Salaries By 50%

Kaduna State Governor, Malam Nasir El-Rufai, shortly after he was sworn in at the Murtala Muhammad square announced the decision of both him and his deputy, Bala Barnabas Bantex, that they would sacrifice 50% of their salaries for the development of the state.

Mallam El-Rufai stated this at his inaugural speech after being sworn-in by the state Chief Judge, Justice Tanimu Zailani, pledging that his administration would avoid ostentatious and foolish bigmanism, but would embrace   transparency, modesty and accountability.

The new governor, who reiterated that Kaduna is the second most indebted state in the country promised to work day and night to make Kaduna great again

El-Rufai said: “In recognition of the difficult challenges we face, our deputy Governor and I have concluded that the sacrifices that change requires must begin with us. We have decided to take a pay cut and donate 50 percent of our salaries and allowances, until our fiscal situation improves. We understand that leadership by example is the most persuasive way to demand sacrifices from all of us as citizens”

El-Rufai, who was sworn in as the 22nd Governor of Kaduna state further stressed that, “We will obey the same rules that we demand of all of you. After all, the law is the difference between civilization and anarchy. We submit ourselves to the principle that all are equal before the law.”

As we celebrate on this day that God has made, let us remember, with sober senses, exactly what challenges confront us. For far too long, our country has been a place where hope goes to die, where the future has been stolen from our children, where our leaders have commandeered our resources largely for their own personal enjoyment, and where   grinding poverty has become a fact of daily life for nearly all our people”

“Our state is no exception. Kaduna State is in a difficult situation. As soon as we have all the facts in coming weeks, we shall lay bare to you just how deep a hole we have dug ourselves in the past several years. But this much we already know. Our finances are a shambles. Kaduna is the second most indebted state in our country. Our state is staggering under the weight of billions of naira in debt and other liabilities”

“As we all know, merely by walking the streets or seeing our neighbors everyday, the state of our state is abysmal. Our schools and hospitals, our roads and bridges, our villages, townsand cities, all are markers of backwardness. Too many of our children are hungry and in rags and in the street. Our society is divided along religious and ethnic lines.

Worse still, our state cannot stand on its own feet. We have become a state of beggars, a condition of dependency that is an affront to our dignity and our humanity,” El-Rufai said.

“I say to you today, my fellow citizens of Kaduna State, that the time has come for us to face up to our responsibilities as citizens. We must take many difficult decisions. We have no choice but to postpone immediate gratification and sacrifice the fleeting comforts of today for a better future for our children”, El-Rufai said.

MEANWHILE, El-Rufai has condemned the unruly behavior exhibited towards the Emir of Zazzau, Alhaji Shehu Idris,by some youths during the his swearing in ceremony in Kaduna.

The governor however thanked people of the state for the massive turn out during his swearing-in ceremony in Kaduna state.

The governor said he looks forward to the continued support of the people as the new government settles down. He pledged to do his utmost to deliver good governance.

The Spokesman to the governor, Samuel Aruwan disclosed this in a statement shortly after the inauguration.

The governor also condemned the unruly behavior exhibited towards the Emir of Zazzau, Alhaji Shehu Idris, by some youths.

The governor stated that a vital part of change is respect for institutions and a commitment to using only lawful and peaceful means to express grievance, discontent or dissent. Even in such instances, there can be no justification for any attempt to inflict embarrassment or cause disorder

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