Sunday, 24 May 2015

Let justice prevail in Benue, Tsav tells APC leaders

Outspoken former Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, Abubakar Tsav has warned leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, to allow justice prevail in the ongoing tussle over the recent governorship election in the state.

Tsav, in a statement issued yesterday, also warned traditional rulers and clerics in the state to stop moves that can pervert the course of justice. 

The ex-police chief’s statement is coming on the heels of a letter written to the National Leader of the APC, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu by a member of the party, Tor Gowon Yaro, drawing his attention to the crisis threatening to rob APC of its electoral victory in the state.

Part of Tsav’s statement released yesterday reads: “I am preparing a letter to the Mzou U Tiv on some of these issues. It is sad that we do not observe the golden rule of ‘Do unto others what you would like others to do unto you.’ You remember that after the 2011 elections, the ACN said they were not satisfied with the conduct of the election. 

They took Suswam to the Tribunal and up to the Supreme Court. The case lasted for about 3 years and a huge sum of state money was spent on this case.

“No party man, elder or traditional ruler begged ACN leaders to withdraw the case from court. Today, people are pleading with Gov Suswam, Rt Hon Jime and Rt Hon T Tarzoor to withdraw their cases from Court.”

While commending the clergy in Benue State for wading into the matter and seeking to bring about a resolution of the disagreement, Tsav pointed out that there could only be peace where there is justice, stressing that if there is no justice, there can never be peace.

He further said: “Sen George Akume has caused grave injustice in Benue State by setting one community against the other in flagrant disregard for internal democracy. It’s a shame and a rape of justice on our people. His claim of being the most qualified person to lead the Senate is a huge joke and mockery of our democracy. He has gone further to introduce religion into his quest for Senate Presidency. Is this not arrant selfishness? What sort of people are our so-called leaders?”

He described the conduct of the leaders as disgusting and nauseating, while dismissing them as “simply selfish, greedy, desperate, self-centered and people who forget so soon.”

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  1. Mr. Tsav you should appreciate Akume"s effort as a leader. He has made enormous efforts to relief Benue and the nation at large. While I will not say Akume is a perfect man, he is far better than the men we are surrounded with today in Benue State. Let's try as much to support Akume in his quest to make Benue great.