Wednesday, 3 June 2015

David Mark is dancing his last dance of shame – Idoma Group

A group, known as Congress for Better Idoma Community, CBIC, has replied a faceless group, known as Idoma Legacy Protection, ILP, over its recent claim that the Senatorial candidate on the platform of the All Progressives Congress in Benue Zone C in the last election, Comrade Dan Onjeh was a school dropout.

ILP in a statement signed by Chief Ikwuje Ajonye, the President of the group, and Hon. Sule Audu Sule, its Secretary categorically stated that Dan Onjeh never completed his educational studies both at home and abroad.

However, CBIC, while describing the ILP as internet miscreants purportedly championed by David Mark, insists that no amount of intimidation will deter Onjeh from wining back his mandate.

CBIC in a statement signed by its coordinator, Simon Agbo and obtained by DAILY POST on Tuesday, said the vile and spurious allegations leveled against Onjeh by the group were motivated by the envy of his rising political profile in Idomaland and in the nation at large.

According to the group, “recently a polemic piece penned by a faceless organisation calling itself the Idoma Legacy Protection Group, (a front for Internet miscreants probably sponsored by Sen. David Mark) whose shameless antics are ploys used to intimidate the opponents of their paymaster to drop the legitimate challenge to their principal’s electoral fraud.

“Even though these antics were successfully tried and tested on other opponents in the past, it will certainly not work on Comrade Daniel Onjeh, the APC candidate for the just concluded senatorial election of the Benue South senatorial seat.

Agbo in the statement further described the publication as a ploy to cast Onjeh as a recalcitrant upstart who disrespects elders, thus arrest his rising popularity among the Idoma people and deprive him of their support and solidarity.

“After reading this polemic (purportedly signed by one Chief Ikwuje Ajonye and one Hon. Sule Audu Sule) it is shocking to note that the sponsor(s) of this group would descent to the gutters to publish blatant lies against Comrade Onjeh just to further his (their) bid to cling to what is not rightfully his (theirs).

“Comrade Onjeh would normally not dignify this ignoble group with a reply. But sometimes silence may be misconstrued to be assent. In this social media age, where goons of every ilk have unfettered access to millions of people online, some gullible people may swallow every lie they are feed on the Internet. it is therefore fit and proper to put the record straight,” it added.

On the claim that Onjeh was a school dropout, CBIC disclosed that there was no iota of truth in the report, adding that the former WASU and NANS leader completed his university education in Ghana.

“Comrade Onjeh is a graduate of the prestigious University of Ghana, Legon. He holds a BA (double honours) in Economics and Political Science. The Ghanaian minister Onjeh is said to have lived with and worked for as a domestic staff is in fact Onjeh’s political protégé whose rise to prominence in the Ghanaian political arena was guided by Onjeh’s expert mentorship even when they were both still students at the University of Ghana, Legon. To say that Onjeh never graduated from Legon and that the Ghanaian minister was his boss shows that their source has either misinformed them or is just being mischievous.

“For the record, Comrade Onjeh never dropped out of Federal University of Technology (FUT) Minna. The records are there. A trip to FUT Minna will clear their doubts.

In yet another blatant lie, the so called Idoma Legacy Protection Group stated that it was Senator David Mark and Comrade Aba Moro that sponsored Onjeh’s studies in Ghana. Nothing can be farther than the truth. It was the then governor of Benue State, George Akume, that granted him a scholarship of $10,000 per year. Apart from from their children and other close relations, it would be very difficult to find anyone in Idomaland whom Senator Mark or Comrade Aba Moro sponsored to study abroad. It is doubtful that they ever gave any indigent Idoma student more than a miserly N50,000 bursary.”

The group further claimed that the media attack on Comrade Onjeh was an indication that Senator Mark’s camp was feeling the heat of the weight of the case against it in the election tribunal, saying that ” there is clear evidence of fraud and it’s just a matter of time before the stolen mandate of the people of Benue South is reclaimed. Clearly, their era is gone. The media attack on the person of Comrade Onjeh is just the death troll of (a) dying political dynasuer(s).

“This is however not the first time Senator Mark’s e-rats have maligned Comrade Daniel Onjeh. Led by a certain James Oche, a nefarious thug, who doubles as director of Senator Mark’s Death2Door (sorry, Door2Door) Campaign organisation (an organization renowned for its brigandage) published an insulting piece on DailyPost claiming that Onjeh’s late mother was not properly married to his father.

“Onjeh did not reply that insult because he did, the mother of those who were never married to their fathers would have been made obvious, and it’s certainly not his late mother. At the time, he thought a reply would amount to joining issues with his elders.

”When Nigerians are losing an argument, they invariably result to insults. Rather than address the issues Comrade Onjeh raises, Senator Mark’s hirelings dwell on frivolities confirming to the world that their camp is indeed afraid of the inevitable reversal at the electoral tribunal. It will be in the Senate President’s interest to rein in his rabid feniles and Janissaries.

“If one may ask, what wrong has Comrade Onjeh done to warrant this campaign of calumny from these miscreants? Was it wrong for Onjeh to remind the world of Senator Mark’s antecedents? Did the distinguished senator not once said that the telephone is not for the poor?

It added that, “No amount of intimidation will deter him from reclaiming his mandate; on the contrary, every slight aimed at him gives him more confidence and strengthen his resolve to press on.”

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