Saturday, 6 June 2015


I think one major thing that I have been delivered of is this trash called tribalism. I have been delivered of it, I am hardly conscious of tribe, when I relate with people I encounter... I get excited to learn what makes them different from me irrespective of tribe or religion.
I look out for people's strength and not their tribe nor their religion... Mentally, I am free from tribalism.

But whether we like it or not, tribalism is a factor in our Nigerian structure and even that of Africa at large.
Tribalism is to Africa, what race is to America, Europe and Religion is to Asia.

Our societies are built around these divisive lines of religion and tribe and these days; for selfish gains, some folks make conscious efforts to invest in these faultline to inspire division and disorder.

My inbox is full, my people back home want me to react to the music playing on at the "Benue People's House" in Makurdi, I just want to break silence.

Yes, silence! The type of silence I broke when the Otukpo/Otukpa road was in shambles. So this time, they still want me to talk again.

My people's agitation is for the state SSG which they claim it is their birthright.

1.I believe in equity and justice, let us be fair; who are those who fought for the "APC change" mantra that swept over benue the most?

2. According to the voting patterns, where did the bulk of the votes for APC at the gubernatorial elections come from?

When the APC change music was on, my people back home where still under the illusion of Apa State and 2019 Presidency.

The votes APC got in Benue Zone C came from the young minds and progressives who wanted to be freed from the lordship of Otukpo golf course.

Some would say APC won in Otukpo and Ogbadibo, but ask yourselves; what is the margin?

Zone C voted PDP and it shows in the House of Assembly elections with APC just winning only Adoka/Ugboju State constituency.

My people don't cry, your freedom is not in the appointment of your kinsmen, your freedom is in articulation of ideals that would inspire true mental freedom.

Just recently, your children were senate president, deputy governor, minister, SSG, commisioners for finance and water resources... but there is no pipe borne water in Otukpo.

The famous Ochidoma Road is in despair, Ochidoma Palace and the Ochidoma square is in sorry state... Is it Akume's "hatred" for Idomas that did these?
I believe in fair play, shouting for SSG in Benue by some Idomas, is like PDP shouting for SSG in Lagos state.

My people are crying marginalisation, but when would my people think of having Senator Orowi or Adrahu from Oju or Obi? I don't think it is a sin to have an Igede man to be Senator, we have held it for 16 years now.

If my people must cry, they should not face Makurdi, because that is not the right direction to channel their cries.

They should face South/East and South/South, that is where their cries would be heard and their dream of Apa State and 2019 Presidency can be nurtured.

Tribalism has never done anyone good. In Benue, it is between Tivs and Idomas, I was shocked yesterday when I read how divided the Tivs are. While the Idomas are agitating in one corner, Kunav are also saying their own within the Tivs.

Support a person because of his capacity to deliver and not because he is from your side of the country.

Senator George Akume was Governor for eight years, how has that wiped poverty in his Tarka Local Govt. Gabriel Suswam's eight years never transformed Logo, Senator David Mark's eight years of Senate Presidency never transformed the infrastructural face of our great ancestral home...

Don't be deceived, your economic freedom is not in the political appointments from your area, if it is; then why has it not freed the people before you?

As for the Arch Bishop of Judges' Quarters and his Altar Boy at Government House Makurdi, our eyes on you... we shall commend if need be and constructively criticise when the need arises.

My people back home, this is my stance, take it easy and give peace a chance... na turn by turn!

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