Friday, 26 June 2015

Exposed: Former #Benue State First Lady Yemisi Suswam Raids Liaison Office In Abuja

SaharaReporters has learned shocking details of a raid on the Benue State Liaison Office in the Asokoro area in Abuja, which was orchestrated and directed by the former First Lady of Benue State Yemisi Suswam.

Witnesses told SaharaReporters that the raid was conducted by associates close to Yemisi Suswam operating under the cover of darkness. These witnesses told our correspondent that Yemisi’s associates drove two large trucks to the Liaison Office in Abuja, with the intent to cart out and steal all the expensive furnishings.

SaharaReporters also learned that Yemisi Suswan and her sister received a contract from the Benue State government to furnish and design the Benue State Liaison Office in Abuja, which sources said was an unlawful government contract due to conflicts of interest. It was also learned that because the former First Lady and her sister furnished the office they knew the exact items to steal.

The night-time assailants--under the direction of Yemisi Suswan--stole everything they could fit into their trucks, especially pricey gadgets, electronics, and home-office accessories. The items removed included television sets, refrigerators, rugs, plates, pots, DSTV decoders, and bed sheets according to sources speaking with SaharaReporters.

It has also been learned that the Federal Capital Territory Police Command have identified a Police Sergeant, Shola Adeniyi, and another unknown associate to First Lady Suswam, as suspects in this brazen raid and have began investigating these leads.

Shola Adeniyi, the former orderly to Benue’s First Lady, denied the allegations of theft during questioning by the Police.

Four persons including two Security Guards and their Supervisor have made statements to the Police Station at the old Central Bank in Abuja concerning the theft.

Ex-Governor Gabriel Suswam and his wife, Former First Lady Yemisi Suswam, were allegedly out of the country at the time their associates ransacked the Liaison Office.

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  1. The government of ex-governor Gabriel Suswam just decided to run down the people and property of Benue state as if they are none indigenes. The current Governor is advised to apprehend, recover all ill -gotten wealth, and punish according to the law of the land. This will serve as deterrent to present and future leaders.