Monday, 8 June 2015

NLC Blasts David Mark-led Senate for Recklessly Passing 46 Bills in 10 Mins

The Nigerian Labour Congress has faulted the David Mark-led senate for passing 46 bills in less than 10 minutes last Wednesday, describing it as a “reckless path to lawmaking” Premium Times reports.

The NLC President, Ayuba Wabba, on Monday expressed “profound shock and disappointment at the action of the National Assembly”, saying the Senate’s passage of 46 Bills “without legislation” in ten minutes was “competing for the Guinness Book of Records for legislative infamy.”

“Whoever advised our lawmakers to take this reckless path to law making has only succeeded in putting an indelible dent on whatever achievements that the 7th session of the National Assembly wished to be ascribed to it,” the NLC president said.

Apart from ridiculing themselves, he said the Senators have unfortunately embarrassed the country in the eyes of the civilised global community.

He also called on the incoming 8th legislature to ensure that they departed from the opaque ways of the previous, particularly in being prudent, accountable, transparent and more effective in their legislative and oversight functions.

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