Wednesday, 15 July 2015


Governor of Benue State, Samuel Ortom, today disclosed that the amnesty he declared for those who possess arms illegally has started yielding results.

He spoke at the Benue Peoples House where some of the arms which had been surrendered were displayed. Governor Ortom commended those who turned in the weapons and promised to integrate them into the community by empowering them to pursue legitimate means of livelihood.

According to him after the expiration of 31st August, the machinery he had set in motion would swing into action to recover illegal arms in the state.

While answering a question the Governor stated that his directive included all possessors of illegal arms including Fulani herdsmen. Security Adviser, Edwin Jando said more arms were being expected as the Governor’s call had come at the right time.

State Police Commissioner, Hyacinth Dagala assured that those who surrender the arms willingly will not be prosecuted.

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