Wednesday, 8 July 2015

#Health: FUHS to Research Traditional Medicine in #Benue

Research into traditional medicine with the purpose of processing herbs into orthodox drugs is set to begin at the Federal University of Health Sciences (FUHS), Otukpo, Benue state.

The university’s Pioneer Partner, Ameh Oche, revealed the development on Monday in Abuja.

"The university is going to delve into research of traditional medicine," Oche said.

"I think this is about the first time this is coming on board, where researches will be done on traditional medicine and see the efficacy of it as it affects solution to ailment in Nigeria and countries abroad in a more scientific manner.

Oche the synergy between traditional and orthodox medicine would help solve a lot of medical issues.

"This is purely a university of health sciences, which means, most of the health challenging issues affecting Nigeria in the area of heart surgery, spinal cord, will definitely be overcome," he added.

"Especially, those challenges that take Nigerians abroad, brain surgery, open heart surgery, kidney surgery, and what Nigerians will look at as an impossible task would be made possible.’’

He revealed that the university is also planning to introduce community medicine to tackle diseases such as diarrhea and guinea worm which affect people at the community level.

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