Saturday, 11 July 2015


By Bemgba Iortyom.
The rather worrisome trend of Suswam-bashing is gradually becoming a convenient and highly useful tool in the hands of apologists of the administration of Gov. Samuel Ortom of Benue State, as every action and inaction of the governor is made to take bearing from the legacy of the immediate past Suswam administration.

Every lapse of the present administration pointed out is quickly excused by the argument that the source of such lapse is traceable to the past administration, and one is left wondering why then we have this administration, whereas we could have just left the past administration to continue in office so we may justifiably hold it responsible for the prevailing situation.

Yesterday, I made a report on the deplorable state of the sanitation of Makurdi metropolis under the Gov. Ortom administration, pointig out the disparity which exists between this administration at this age and that of Gabriel Suswam at same age.

And the rather lame and narrow defense being put up by the present administration's apologists (including its official mouth-piece, Tahav Agerzua), is that the photo which I attached as visual illustration to the report is that of the refuse dump down Katsina-Ala Street, which they argue has been there since Suswam's days.

I find such line of argument rather puny and funny considering that the primary duty of an administration includes continuing from where its predecessor left off, and such continuum cannot be selective since, according to former USA President, Harry Truman, "The Buck Stops Here" (meaning the ultimate responsibility for everything rests on the shoulders of the serving government.

In any case, it is clear from this attitude of Ortom apologists that they are yet to come to terms with the reality of shouldering the responsibilities of running a ruling government, hence their ever willing recourse to the cowardly option of arguing that Ortom's glaring failures are Suswam's fault.

I think the Ortom people need to be thoroughly schooled and given proper orientation on how to run a ruling government, which must take responsibility for the state of things under its rule and not whine and make the sort of pathetic excuses this administration so much loves to make for its glaring incompetence and lack of direction.

As proof that refuse dumps are not only to be found down Katsina-Ala Street alone, I hereby post photos of dumps on Ankpa Road, close to the public cemetery, and on Badagry Street, close to St. Peter's Catholic Church, High-Level.

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