Sunday, 9 August 2015

Flood Alert: Residents Vacate River #Benue Bank Communities

Residents living around the riverbank communities of the River Benue in Benue State have started vacating the areas due to the speculations that flood will soon occur.

This is even as there was a heavy down pour yesterday in Makurdi which destroyed several houses and other property.

There is a wide-spread information in Makurdi and other riverine communities in the state that flood would soon occur because the Cameroonian government is about to release water from the Lagdo Dam.

Yesterday, it was observed that water from the River Benue has already overflowed to some nearby houses located at the riverbanks. The sharp increase in the water may not be unconnected to the heavy rainfall yesterday.

Some of the areas including Kaamem, Wadata, Idye village, Agboughoul, Atsusa Media village, parts of Gyado villa and Kucha Utebe, as well as the Modern Market communities were heavily flooded.

It was further observed that many residents have lost some of their valuable items including academic credentials, just as farmlands were also washed away by the heavy rain.

Mr John Adoi, a civil servant was met with his wife and children packing water out their flat. He said, “We didn’t sleep because you can see that water has filled everywhere and we are just trying to see whether we can evacuate some of the items.”

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