Thursday, 6 August 2015

Lagdo Dam Full, NEMA Warn #Benue Of Floods

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has alerted the state governments and communities along Benue River of possible flooding.

This follows information received from Cameroonian authorities to release excess water from Lagdo Dam.

The authorities also warned all those living around the dam and along River Benue in Garoua up to Nigeria to be alert and be ready for evacuation in case of possible flooding.

Director General of NEMA, Muhammad Sani Sidi, said the Cameroonian authorities in Garuoa had indicated that between now and November 2015 there would be routine release of water from the Lagdo dam due to excessive amount of water presently contained in the dam.

He called on the frontline state governors, State Emergency Management Agencies, first respondents and relevant authorities to alert the communities at risk prepare safe locations for possible evacuation and adequate preparedness.

Sidi said the agency had dispatched the alert to the effected state governors and is following up with appropriate advocacy.

The release of excess water from the dam in 2012 contributed to massive flooding of communities along the river. In 2013, the two countries reached an agreement that Cameroon was to give early warning to enable Nigeria put in place proactive measures to prevent destruction of lives and properties.
- CAJ News

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