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An Open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari from Comr Martin Iorsamber.  June 28, 2015.
Dear President Muhammadu Bahari,
Mr President Sir, as you do your last minute preparations to submit your ministerial list to the senate, it is good that I draw your attention to a personality you need in your administration from Benue State. Ordinary His Excellency, I

shouldn’t have bordered myself much by writing this open letter but the people of Nigeria voted you in for a change and we believe as a human you may not have all the magic to see in the hearts of all Nigerians to get the right team for the CHANGE we are expecting.
Unfortunately, I am not among the privileged Nigerians who talk to you ear to ear but I am a Nigerian desirous for positive change. Because I am not been sponsored and I don’t want to be sponsored, I chose to write an open letter with the hope that God who brought you to power will make my letter to reach you.
Anyone who brings this letter to you is among the few Nigerians who yearn for a positive change. The constitution requires that each state should be represented in the Federal Executive Council. It is on this note I wish to notify you of a personality from Benue State you most need in your administration that can help bring the expected change in Nigeria at this crucial period of our country’s history, he is Professor Steve Torkuma Ugba.
His Excellency Sir, Prof. Steve Ugba is the Benue Americana that took Benue State by storm in 2011 and vibrated the whole of North Central Nigeria with the slogan – Ishor Chenji, when he presented himself to be elected Governor of Benue on the platform of Action Congress of Nigeria, a legacy party of the All Progressive Congress. Even though there was a massive rape of democracy that led to his inability to enter the Makurdi Government House, Prof. Ugba’s loyalty, steadfastness and above all, humility in guiding his followers has resulted to the victory of the APC in Benue state in 2015 general elections.
My dear President, Born on 11th April, 1955 at Mkar, Gboko to the family of Late Moses Ityonongo Ugba Gwar of Ugondo, Logo Local Government Area of Benue State,  Prof. Steve Ugbah had his elementary education in Otukpo and Gboko. He attended his Secondary Education 1968-1972  at  Mt. St. Michael’s Secondary School, Aliade after which he left for the United States of America to study at  Ohio University, Athens, Ohio USA between 1974-1986. Prof. Steve Ugbah obtained a  B.Sc. Microbiology, an  M.A. International Affairs (specializing in Development Studies & Quantitative Research Methods), a Master of Public Administration and a  Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Communication (Specializing in Organizational Communication & Quantitative Research Methods).

My amiable President, Prof. Steve Ugba has acumen of experience, as board member Juladaco Group of Companies; he managed several businesses including:  The construction and management of Juladaco High School Kassa, to make high quality secondary education available to the down trodden. He Constructed and managed the 1000 bed Rev. Fr. Holland Memorial Specialist Hospital in Katsina-Ala to bring quality Health care to the people. Prof. Ugba operated Juladaco Express, the first Northern based private Mass-Transit company with a fleet of luxurious buses to ease transportation.
He has varied experience in Research, Consultancy and teaching spanning about 30 years in various Universities and institutions in the United States and Europe.

This is an experience University Don with experience spanning administration, teaching, management, consultancy, curriculum development, student mentoring, computer and Telecommunications, Academic planning, Budgeting, Media Resources, Liaison, and Community Relations.

From 2006, Prof. Ugba has been the President, California Nigeria Forum (CNF), San Rafael, California, USA. He managed the overall operations of this public policy organization. The California Nigeria Forum (CNF) is an independent international organization committed to improving the state of the relationship between the United States and Nigeria in general, and California and Nigeria in particular, by engaging leaders in partnerships to shape mutual development agendas.
His Excellency sir, as you look forward for a transparent, corrupt free and accountable team to drive Nigeria out of the dungeon she has found herself, this is a man you cannot miss in your cabinet. Like most Nigerians, I believe in you and I am sure you will make a good team for your government even if the personalities are not as we expect.
Long Live Mr President.
Long Live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Yours faithfully,

Comr Martin Iorsamber (M.Sc) FEntD, MICRM, ASM
President General, Concerned Youths for Better Benue

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