Thursday, 20 August 2015


I have seen comments on the social and other media platforms condemning the provision of vehicles to transition council chairmen in the state.

While we wish to appreciate these comments as useful feedback, there is the need for me to explain why the exercise was carried out.

According to the Benue State Local Government Establishment Law 2010 as amended, local government chairmen are entitled to two official cars.

The prevailing economic situation in the state has however, constrained us to provide them with just one at the moment.
Other council officials also entitled to official vehicles are on the waiting list.

It must be noted that these are official vehicles meant to facilitate and enhance the work of the chairmen who have serious duties that require mobility to perform.

Part of these duties include tackling of security challenges that require prompt response.

It might be necessary for members of the public to also note that most local councils have no functional vehicles on ground and that the vehicles provided will be deployed for several official functions.

There is also the need to beef up internally generated revenue and the chairmen need to be up and doing to supervise these efforts hence the need for them to be mobile.

We hope those averse to the exercise do not contemplate that the chairmen should trek, take okada, or hire vehicles for the performance of their official duties.

May I assure that the Ortom administration can never be insensitive to the plight of the people who gave it overwhelming mandate and that efforts are being made to pay salaries and discharge other vital government obligations as a matter of priority.

Moreover, the vehicles were procured directly at the cheapest prevailing market price and members of the public can verify.

Tahav Agerzua,
Special Adviser,
Media and ICT

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