Sunday, 11 October 2015

Abubakar Tsav Attacks Gov. Ortom Again!

In support of Former Gov Gabriel T Suswam's position, I challenge Gov Samuel Ortom to extend his probe to Akume's tenure if he is truly a God fearing person and an impartial Administrator as he usually claims.

I know Gov Ortom will have no courage to do that because he will find himself deeply involved in many shady and dirty deals especially where he used one Thomas Adejo to defraud the 23 LGC of various sums of money from which he set up his Oracle Printing Press.

He was also involved in the Daudu- Gbajimba road contract for N486,466,305.00 and Uni Agric-Gbajimba road for N267,079,540.00 for which payments were made but these contracts were not executed as at date.

This is just a tip of the iceberg.
The 500million Naira which Gov Ortom recently set aside for the same road, is just to cover his dirty track.
The people of Benue State should ask questions.

If Justice must be done and seen to be done, let him extend these probes to the Akume's era too, especially if Gov Ortom is truly a Born-Again Christian and one who believes in God and the day of judgement.

What is good for the goose should also be good for the gander.
Human life is sacred and who ever destroys human life will face God's wrath.
During the Akume regime,many young men from Tarkaa LGS,some of them graduate,were murdered in most atrocious manner and their bodies thrown into River Katsina Ala. Their crimes were that the opposed Akume's PDP. Are these atrocities and human rights abuse not worth Gov Ortom's probe ? Does Gov Ortom claim ignorance. Of these callous murders and human rights abuse? Power and money are transient and no situation is permanent. One day all these will vanish and God will fulfill Himself.

God Almighty is sitting on His Throne and watching us all. A day of reckoning shall come and there shall be gnashing of teeth. Can't we learn lessons from previous leaders? God is greater than us all when he intends anything,that thing comes into being.
Abubakar B Tsav. CP rtd

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