Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Daniel Onjeh React To Tribunal Judgement

He posted via his official facebook account after the Judgement was delivered yesterday.

"Very clearly, there was a miscarriage of justice in my petition against Sen. Mark!

Having turned down all offers to withdraw our case, though same accepted by others to compromise, the conspirators have placed us on a higher moral pedestal over them. My victory at the polls may not have been pronounced by INEC or by the court, but I take consolation in the fact that the world knows I won the election, and the Tribunal knows that justice was subverted.

My petition was dismissed purely on the basis of a strange technicality without looking into the merits of my case; the loopholes in the judgment gives us good grounds for appeal, we will fight to the end! Either way, if my petition had been upheld at the Tribunal, Mark would have still gone to the last arbiter- the Appeal Court."

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  1. Mr Onjeh, you need to behave like an honourable loser rather than the prat you are portraying yourself to be be