Saturday, 10 October 2015

Former Governor of Benue State Gabriel Torwua Suswam Reacts

He Posted Via Facebook

"On the Suswam Probe panel, ordinarily, been an avid believer in the Rule of Law and a two term National Lawmaker, I would have allowed time to reveal what I'm about to state here in my post. It has become important for me to throw some light on a few issues.

Firstly, I welcome the probe of my stewardship as the elected Governor of Benue state after the expiration of my tenure. It is worthy to note that, I shouldered most of the present burden of State which was inherited from the previous government before me without some much pandemonium. This was not out of weakness but to keep the affairs of government going.

I have since submitted myself to be probed and urge the leadership of the present Government to extend the probe to cover the last 16 years from 1999 - 2015 as this is important in a number of ways.
I. The debt profile figures of the State as released by the various committees failed to properly differentiate between figures inherited from the previous administrations and that accrued during my administration. It is therefore only fair to carry out a probe exercise with forethought.
II. The sincerity of the probe is in doubt judging from the people enlisted on its probe panel. Aside the Chairman of the Probe Panel, most of the panelists lack the moral grounds to assess my stewardship as they actively participated directly or indirectly to the runnings of the State between 1999 to 2015.
III. Let me add that, the inclusion of the Civil Society, Traditional bodies, Religious leaders and even a youth wing will give more credence to the probe panel than what it looks like at the moment.
While appreciating the apprehension these probes can generate in any society, I am constrained by morality to state my position for posterity and urge the public to be patient as the result will surely leave us better positioned to make more informed decisions as we move forward. Therefore, I urge that my observations are incorporated into the probe exercise as failure to do so will lead to the use legal means to seek redress.
Finally, to those who have always stood by me and Benue at large, I appreciate your support and I've read some of the inbox messages you sent. Always have it in mind that, in the cause of carrying out any assigned duty, the perceived failure on your part by others should not give you a notion that you didn't try. Neither should it stop you from availing yourselves to contribute to development in time of need. There will always be ups and downs in life.
For those I may have hurt, I ask for forgiveness and for those that hurt me, I forgive you. This is because in the cause of living, we cannot avoid crossing lines. We will make progress towards a better Benue if we join our hands together."

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