Thursday, 15 October 2015


The new chairman of BIRS Mrs Mimi Adazpe- orubibi today official recieved hand over and assumed office as the substantive head of the revenue body.

Mrs orubibi arrived the premises of BIRS at about 9:30 am and walked straight to the office of the outgoing Acting Chairman Mr Gabriel Asen.

The acting Chairman warmly welcomed the new chairman. They immediately went into a meeting with the heads of departments and units.

At the interaction with the directors and heads of units the outgoing Chairman Mr Gabriel Asen welcomed Mrs Mimi Adazpe - orubibi to the board. He Stated that he is happy to hand over to a new person who has come to start a course to move the board forward. He stated further that he was happy to hand over to some one who has been into Tax practice . more so that all economists are rational human beings. He tasked the directors and heads to give maximum support to the new chairman.

In her response, Mrs Mimi Adazpe - Orubibi thanked the outgoing acting Chairman and his team for the hardwork irrespective of some limitations.

She solicited the cooperation of the directors, heads of units and the entire staff to move the board forward. She tasked the principal staff to work with example.

The new chairman informed members that the board has a target of 1. 5 Billion monthly which all departments and staff must get deeply involved in meeting.

She emphasised the need for togetherness in this challenge. According to her, she would want all staff to say at the end of the month that 'we met our target'. She therefore promised to introduced a key performance indicator. (KPI)

She asked all staff to be armed with the the law that empowers them to collect Tax in the state. She stated that Revenue is supposed to be consolidated as it is the case in Lagos State.
At this juncture, she said '' there is a job to be done, I alone can not do it''

Mrs Mimi Adazpe - Orubibi explained further that she intends to champion a revenue board where the system is properly organised and working. A system where with or without her any one can fit in and work effectively.
According to her, the watch word is transparency and accountability.
She admonished staff not to collect monies to pay Revenue for taxable adults.

On welfare package for staff, she decried that the welfare of staff is not commiserate to the work done and promised to improve on it as soon as Revenue generation increases. She immediately announced her intention to constitute a welfare committee that would fashion out welfare packages for all staff. This she said is very dear to her.

The new chairman of BIRS said, she envisions a BIRS where Tax clearance certificates, certificate of occupancy etc will be done online. An automated Revenue collection Base that will block all leakages.
The new chairman tasked management and staff to work towards Revenue generation as though there is no federal allocation.

She explained to members that when she was given the target, she accepted it on a condition that if there is political will she and her team will sure meet the target.
She called on Benue people to show understanding, patience and make sure they pay their tax as at and when due.

The event witnessed the annointing and blessing of the office of the Chairman and premises of the board.
No doubt, a new page has been opened for Revenue generation in Benue State.

It is certainly not business as usual.
In Mrs Mimi Adazpe - Orubibi is a determined tax collector, a passionate one for that matter. In weeks and months to come this Mrs Mimi will hit the ground with Revenue generation

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