Thursday, 15 October 2015

Why We Supported Audu Ogbe – Akume

Former senate minority leader, Senator George Akume has thrown his weight behind the appointment of Chief Audu Ogbeh as minister from Benue State describing the situation as “nothing adverse” despite the grumbles the the ministerial slot would have gone to the Tiv people who voted massively for the All Progressives Congress, APC during the last General elections.

During an interview on Channels Television this morning, he said they (Governor Samuel Ortom, Senator Barnabas Gemade and himself) had supported Chief Ogbeh, an Idoma with every sense of responsibility because it was honourable and to show that there was no segregation between the two ethnic groups.

“You see we are the minority within the context of the federation, in Benue State we are the majority. You’ll recall that my uncle was in the struggle for minority rights, the late JS Tarkaa and we are always, always aware of our commitment to the minority course whether in Benue State or elsewhere.”

“In this issue of the nomination of Chief Audu Ogbeh, a very competent, educated son of Nigeria and Benue state extraction from the Idoma group, generated a little murmurs here and there. Obviously anytime an appointment is made there’s no way you can run away from it.”

“What they were arguing essentially was that during the four years of Jonathan’s presidency all the minsters of cabinet rank were Idoma and in the last four years, two of them were all Idoma. Mrs Sarah Ochepa, the husband is from Benue and Abba Moro, a friend of mine. Sarah was for water resources and Abba Moro was for interior. And so why not a change now, that it should go to the Tiv people, actually they voted en mass for General Buhari, but we have supported the nomination of Audu Ogbeh and we did it with every sense of responsibility , myself, our Governor Samuel Ortom, Senator Barnabas Gemade and others.”

“We did so because we want to show Nigerians that we are not against his candidature because he comes from a minority group or because they didn’t vote for General Buhari. We did it because we think it is also honorable and we believe that other things will come out way under Buhari’s presidency. ” He narrated.

President Muhammadu Buhari had also come under criticism over nominating 68 year old Audu Ogbeh whom people felt was at the expense of the youth but Senator Akume again had no problems with that.

“It’s not about your physical age but your ideological age. If your ideas are good and sound, we should be able to use you.” He said.

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