Saturday, 26 December 2015

14, 000 Students To March For David Mark

Some students’ under the David Mark Scholarship Foundation (DMSF), have declared that they are willing to abandon their classes to march in support of their source of school fees as the re-run of the Benue South Senatorial District gain momentum.

Michael Ugbe of the department of Electronics Engineering at the Bayero University, Kano who spoke to Journalists in Abuja said the DMSF gave thousands of deprived students’ rare opportunities to pursue their dreams in life.

He said about 14, 703 sons and daughters of Benue State and the Idoma nation in particular are currently in schools and some have graduated under the scholarship from the DMSF.

“We have been able to go to school through the funds from the DMSF and we cannot sit and watch our mentor go down in politics. We have therefore resolved to pull our resources together and march for our father, hero and mentor of the Idoma nation. We want him in the Senate for as long as he wants and that is the beauty of democracy,” he said.

He added that Mark as the longest serving Senator in the Nigeria Senate and the only Senate President to stay in office for two terms is a stabilising for force for the unity of Nigeria and should not be thrown out of the Senate.

While urging all students and youths of Benue South senatorial district to come out and join them in putting their mentor back in the Senate. He said the former Senate President out of the Senate will mean a great disaster to the thousands of students on scholarship and the ones in line to gain from the free education being provided.

He further added that Zones A and B in Benue State have also enjoyed about 700 scholarship from the David Mark scholarship foundation. He also noted that several primary school pupils have also benefited from the DMSF special awards for children since 2007.

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