Sunday, 27 December 2015


Following news of her dethronement, the Finest Girl Benue 2015, Miss Paulyn Naths Agbo has reacted to allegations levelled against her by the organisers of the pageant, Dumas Events.

In a statement, Miss Agbo refuted claims by Dumas Events that she hired thugs to beat anyone, rather she narrated how the organisers tried to make away with N250,000 donated during her victory dinner in Abuja, which she recovered amicably.

She also denied that her victory dinner was organised without the notice and participation of Dumas Events saying the event materials were branded with their name and all the officials of the organisation, including the President, Miss Maria James were even present at the event.

Read full statement below…

“It all started when I organized my victory dinner party at NAF Conference Center Abuja,with the help of my uncle Spitz Josef who helped in the planning,all expenses for the dinner was from my pocket. I rented the VIP hall at NAF for 350,000 not including the food and drinks, I roughly spent close to 600,000 from my pocket.

“After the dinner the only cash realised was that of the former Minister of Interior (Comrade Abba Moro) which was 250,000 aside pledges, because of the trust I had for the organization, Dumas events, the money was collected by them from the the end of the event, they vanished with the money leaving me stranded, as I was yet to balance NAF for food drinks, DJ and MC.

“All effort to reach them on phone proved abortive, the only conversation they managed to have with me was they are not having any conversation till the next day.

“I was held up by the military men at NAF because I didn’t finish making payments, I had to call the Hon former Minister because I introduced them to him on his arrival which the President (of Dumas Events) sat with him all through the event. He called them and they agreed to return back, when they returned, they were only coming for negotiations and not to bring any money, all efforts by the security men pleading to save me and bring back the money so I could pay the bills proved abortive as Mr Clef Obida, the Dumas event manager refused to listen to men on uniform who were only there to maintain peace. I, Miss Paulyn Naths couldn’t have hired any thugs to beat anybody up.

“The money was later collected from them and I settled the bills and we all dispatched, even though I lost so much I was happy as the essence of it was just for my victory, since that day I never heard from DUMAS until today.

“For the records I have witnesses, the event brochure carried every info about Dumas Events, I never fronted any other organization. Amongst those who witnessed this incidence is Spitz Josef, Ehi Eje and Mark Owi.”


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