Wednesday, 20 January 2016

BSU Final Year Students Sitting On Broken Cement Blocks To Receive Lectures

These are pictures of final year students of political science sitting on broken cement blocks to receive lectures. (Venue: Large Hall. Pol. 414)

You even have to rush and struggle before you can get space to even find and sit on these broken cement blocks.

Some hang on the windows while others too far to hear from the lecturers taps from those nearer.

The situation is even worst in other departments like mass communication, sociology and others, except law, medicine, chemistry and a few courses.

This is how we have been suffering in this university from 100 level up to 400 level.
If you are in the village or secondary School and you hear of Benue state university, makurdi. You think there is some thing special about the facilities of the university, it is totally different on what you meet on ground.

It is a big shame to the university management, Benue state government and who ever is in authority.
May God help us.
Mvendaga Fidelis Nguakaaga

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