Thursday, 28 January 2016


People who do not know their rights, are vulnerable and easy prey for ill-intended individuals, statistics of loss of dignity and life through ASSASSINATION, gang violence, child labor etc are very high.therefore,
those responsible for authorizing cruelty, inhuman & degrading treatment of human lives, must be held accountable, and states must respect human rights in any action they take in the name of national security or countering Militia.... Every one everywhere has the right to live with dignity, this means no one should be denied their right to adequate housing, food, water and sanitation, education and health care.but...

When a government comes into power with no hopes of a better life for her people, one identifies it by the way the government gives room for assassinations of precious lives,xter assassination , cruelty.lack of foresight for development, continuous development propaganda etc, such are traits of irresponsibility i see in Benue government.

For the many lives that were lost in katsina-ala through assassination, i say its a pity that what you were and stood for meant nothing to a government that hates peaceful indegenes,it has no importance placed on your precious lives, the families you left behind yearns for true Providence and protection, the members of your families suffer traumas bought from your assassinations, i know life is not a bed of roses but i expect some level of acceptance and responsibility from the government saddled with the primary aim of protection of human lives and property. DEATH PENALTY is the ultimate, irreversible denial of human rights, it is the premeditated and cold-blooded killing of a human being by the state.
I now ask,
- Was RT. Hon. Atoza Ihindan MFR,given a death penalty by the state on 17th July, 2015, only to be shot six times by Aondover Nyiough ? if not so what has the Ortom government done about it other than shield facts and suspected persons?
- What about Boniface, Zegegyuve, Ajon, Iormanger Moughna & his driver, Mr.Aja, Veronica, Terfa & their son Joshua, Abelagi & wife, assassinated in Katsina-ala,? (june & july 2015)
- Were their lives really worthless enough not to allow them live?

- Could it be that, the government in Benue state under governor Samuel Ortom is not aware of these people"s assassinations in Benue state or the government has turned a blind eye to the numerous assassinations?

- Could it also be that the accused personalities are too close to corridors of Benue state government and can not be given out to security operatives to account for their crimes,but rather shield them in the best ways possible, note that International Justice gives room for individuals who are accused of grave human rights abuse, such as genocide, crime against humanity (such as assassination) and war crimes, to be handed over to security operatives to answer to their crimes.

- Does the government know who killed Rt.Hon. Atoza Ihindan MFR, so who hired the guy instructed some days back to say he was paid at peace garden (by someone not our suspect) to kill Rt.Hon.Atoza Ihindan MFR in Katsina-ala but he could not because the security was too much, he does not know who finally did... he was brought in last week to help convince us, you may wish to hire the entire world militias to say what you want the unsuspecting Benue state indegenes and the entire Nigeria to think about our fathers sponsored assassination by a known man,but we know what we know.
Probe Sankera assassinations too
Let the truth be known
No matter how long it takes JUSTICE shall come one day,
for the sins of the parents are visited upon their children up to the third generation.


Written By Kpamor Atoza Ihindan Mfr

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