Sunday, 28 February 2016


The arguments of where the next paramount ruler of the Tiv, Tor Tiv should come from is becoming hotter by the day. Today, a renowned jurist and senior citizen, Justice Utsaha added his voice to the arguments.

Speaking on a live radio programme in Makurdi, Utsaha said the next Tor Tiv is supposed to come from Shitile, Tongov or Ukum. He based this on the fact that Ikpar(Kpar) the other son of Ipusu has produced two Tor Tiv from Jechira and Jemgbar.

On the surface, this argument looks very plausible. But in practical terms, since 1946, only two things have been constant in the selection of Tor Tiv. The stool has been moving between the two major Tiv children of Ipusu and Ichongo and amongst the five major Tiv ruling families of Jechira, Sankera, Jemgbar, Minda, leaving out Kwande house alone.

During the selection of Akawe Torkula, the ichongo in Kwande didn't participate, ie Turan and Ikyurav. They allowed only Masev, Ihyarev and Nongov favoured on the intermediate consideration, to field candidates. In doing this, they were respecting this precedent. Same when it was the turn of Sankera. The Ichongo in Kwande didn't struggle with Gondu Aluor.

Like I said before, the intermediate areas consideration has been the only logical thing, apart from that, if other yardsticks that people put forward were brought up, Makir Dzape, Gondu Aluor , Akperan Orshi and Akawe Torkula wouldn't have been Tor Tiv because, the issues of right and seniority were blatantly violated in their cases.

Why attempt to correct it now? In fairness to Ipusu in Kwande, like even Utsaha himself accepted that previous Tor Tiv were appointed in error, it is only right that this turn of errors should be completed. Failure should send a wrong message to Kwande whose senate slot was also taken way from then recently.

In 2015, Kwande and Jechira came out to contest the governorship of Benue with MINDA , some of us refused whatever arguments they paraded. We insisted it was the turn of MINDA so as to complete the turn that was stated in 1979.

The next Tor Tiv should come from Ipusu, Kwande. That is fairness. Anything less is injustice.

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