Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Ado LG; agog for Comrade Daniel Onjeh, promised block vote for the APC Senatorial Candidate

They people vowed to protect their votes, wondering how David Mark has been winning from their ward level; citing rigging and electoral malpractices.

The Chairman assured the Candidate and APC that voting for Daniel Onjeh is a done deal because they could barely forget the incident that happened in 2011 when David Mark boys killed one of their Youths from Akpoge/Ogbilolo Ward who was a Driver to General Lawrence Onoja, an APC stalwart now who was in the ACN.

Their stakeholders cried out over the incessant attack from neighboring states over land disputes; they lamented the ugly condition of their roads as well as the abject suffering they experienced from the PDP administration.

 They chanted... "Change David Mark." While praising the ORTOM led administration that has given them political appointments such as Barr. John Otokpa Onoja who is the present Commissioner for Works and Housing. The district Head of Agila Kingdom pronounced blessings and endorsement on Comrade Daniel Onjeh.

He vehemently instructs all Sons and Daughters of Agila Land to vote for Comrade Daniel Onjeh come 20th Feb. 2016. The state of rural electricity at Ulayi and Ijigban is zero, they wondered why a Senator who claimed to be fighting and defending them, has never stepped his foot on their land since 1999; he has not driven state and federal projects to their land instead embezzled the funds allocated to them by the State and Federal Govts.

 The Chiefs of Agila and Igbolo declared that no one should vote PDP and David Mark whom by his status in Nigeria, shouldn't have allowed their people to be killed and maimed; citing that as the overall representative of Idomaland, under which the whole House Of Reps members regulates, he should have been diplomatic with the past State government's administrations to better the lots of the Idoma people; instead, he was and he still poised to creating war and crisis between the Idomas and the Tivs! The Chiefs said through their spoke person that Mark should have done more to Ado and Agatu crisis rather than drumming for another war between Idomas and the Tivs.

In Igumale, the district Head received and blessed the youngest Senator to be, he said when Dr. ORTOM came here for his blessings, he gave him and he won, so shall it be for you Comrade Onjeh who has come here today. He solemnly made 3 appeals to the the Senator to be in the areas of electricity, rural roads and the restoration of the Cement factory via a possible dialogue with the State and Federal Govts. He wholeheartedly endorsed him for Senate, Benue South, Nigeria.

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