Saturday, 27 February 2016

NIS Recruitment Saga: Stop playing politics with people's lives By Yemi Itodo

Those who would always come out to defend the government of Benue State and the APC-led FG should please explain this to me.

Comrade Abba Moro was arrested since Monday with the Former Permanent Secretary and the Accountant of Ministry of Interior. All of them were released immediately but APC, Ortom and Buhari's EFCC has refused to release the Idoma man, Moro.

The continous detention of the Ogigomebe K'Idoma without charging him to court is a pointer that the Idoma Comrade is dearly paying for the 'crime' he committed on Saturday where he led other thousands of voters to drop their ballots for Senator Mark of PDP in Okpokwu LGA and also superintended the return of Mark to the Senate for the 6th time as his Director General of campaign.

This did not go down well with the power that be in Benue State which had deployed all the human and material resources at its disposal to "snatch the seat of the Senate" but was vehemently resisted by Idoma people.

We are wiser than they think! This is not a case of 'a witch cried in the night and a baby dies in the morning'. It's a glaring case of the hands of Essau against the voice of Jacob.

If the APC-led government at various levels want us to believe that his arrest was not connected to the Saturday's election, why didn't they release him alongside the 2 others who were equally accused of the same offence?

Is it not because the Permanent Secretary and Accountant are not Idoma?

If they want us to separate the arrest from politics, why should they arrest him the next day election result was announced, for the offence he had earlier defended?

Was it the making of Abba Moro that the job applicants died in unfortunate manner? How many Ministers were arrested for the stampede that cause death of senior Nigeria fellows in Saudi Arabia last year?

Is it only the Nigerian Immigration Service that charge N1000 for online recruitment fee? Do we know how many times Nigerian Army, Navy, Airforce and Police recruit yearly and how much they charge?

Was the said N1000 paid into the private account of Comrade Abba Moro?

I hope you are not among those who argue blindly that why should the Immigration conduct interview for 65,000 applicants in a job for 5000 intakes? Were you expecting just only 5000 applicants? If yes, what was the essence of conducting the recruitment interview in the first place?

Stampede is a natural disaster everywhere in the whole world and it could only be managed.

I'm not in any way saying the law should not take its course in this matter, all I'm saying is that people should not politicise the issue at hand. No one should witchhunt anyone on account of his political belief and affiliation.

Let the EFCC go and arrest President Goodluck Jonathan who was the President and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as at that time. Let the APC's EFCC also arrest the Controller-General of Immigration as at the time of the recruitment exercise.

Let the Permanent Secretary, Members of the Board for Prisons, Immigration, Civil Defence and Fire Service that gave approval for the recruitment be arrested.

The EFCC should not also forget to arrest the Directors and Heads of Department as well as DCGs, ACGs, all Officers of the immigration service who supervised the aptitude test across Nigeria and the agent that handled the portals.

Also to be arrested for prosecution are the management and staff of all the Stadia used for the recruitment exercise across Nigeria.

Until everyone in the Ministry is arrested, then I would clap for the EFCC and also believe that they are doing a good job.

The souls of innocent job seekers who met their untimely death will not forgive anyone who is using them to score cheap political points or witchhunting another for political reasons.

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