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by Ahile Kashami Ahile - 23rd February 2016

In a society where the effects of corruption, bad governance and incompetence have left many dead and others in severe hardship, one would expect that those who are accused of stealing public funds will be enemies to all, irrespective of party, tribe or other affiliations, since the ripples of their acts do not discriminate along these parameters, but affect negatively the whole society, in more ways than can be readily imagined, but the situation in Nigeria and more importantly Benue State is disturbingly different.

So as expected, Abba Moro is according to some is being witch hunted. Let me tell, you a story, there was once an interior minister, who organized a nationwide recruitment for his teaming unemployed youth, he sold application forms to more than two hundred thousand of them, for 1000 naira each, in a bid to fill about 5000 positions only and in the process made about 520 million Naira, but that’s not the only issue, he then failed to organize the test properly into batches, knowing well that he had too many applicants for the venues and staff he intended to use or had at his disposal.

The result was that nine of these youths died nationwide and more sustained various degrees of injury, and the ministers his first response was to blame the dead for in orderly conduct.

That minister was Abba Moro.

When he came home, after a change of government, he was welcomed like a hero and celebrated, but the dead did not sleep, many Nigerians called for his investigation and prosecution for negligence and corruption. The then government of “anything goes” never raised a finger. Abba Morro has since walked a free man and has never even been invited by the police till now. On Monday 21st 2016 Patrick Abba Moro was arrested, or as other would say, invited by the EFCC and the news broke the internet.
It was obvious that many Nigerians had been waiting for this day, the celebration in the air was obvious and many hoped that a logical end of the case will bring closure to the families of the dead and all Nigerians, those who were ripped off and the rest of us. While others questioned why the police was yet to open a case against him.

Then out of nowhere came the group of people who feel Abba Moro is been witch hunted for his membership of the PDP and that his actions relating to the recruitment, are justified and normal practice and he would soon be found without sin and released, is this for real? Yes it is. Now, the discord that was sown between some gullible Tiv and Idoma people during the last Zone C senatorial elections played a very vital role here, the “he is our son and he is been prosecuted because he helped David Mark win elections group” also arose, and many others who were formally silent about the development joined in.

At this point it downed on me that the fight against corruption and bad leadership will be resisted not just by the big men who benefit from it, but mostly from those who are victims but have been so blinded by tribal and miscellaneous sentiments, they fail to see that bad leaders and corrupt leaders have no tribe or religion that they come from all places and the results of their actions and inactions affect us all in one way or another. And that the fact that there are corrupt politicians in all tribes does not make it ok for us to condone our brothers and sisters who steal froom us.

In Benue state still, some few weeks ago, the Justice kpojime commission indicted a number of people (Idomas and Tivs alike) who held sway during the last administration, of criminally enriching themselves with common wealth to the tune of 107 billion naira and caused our people untold hardship and death, but When the news broke  there was a deafening silence from people especially the youth, who surprisingly did not hide their joy and opinions and condemnation when the Dasuki-gate suspects and others where  being arrested, all we could here were whispers.
Even though a few spoke out about the revelation, our people where mostly as quite as a grave yard. There were no statements from civil rights bodies, youth bodies or student bodies,  nothing,  just silence. Why where they silent you may ask? Because like in Abba Moro’s case, many of these people are their tribes men or relations or friends or because they once gave them a couple of thousands or millions or gave them or someone they know a job or because they know someone, who knows someone, who knows the suspect.

Then there is one other thing, “i am also a sinner, and he is a big man, who knows if i will need his help tomorrow. Other reasons include fear and defeatism (understandably, given the type of oppression and pain and poverty, our people have been through over a very long period of time) and inferiority complex issues, the believe that the big man is better than me and there is nothing i can do.

It is understandable for the poor and illiterate people amongst us but it becomes a serious worry when however, educated and matured people involve in this type of activity or in activity, The repercussions of this type of attitude are further and more dangerous that the eyes can see, and the shame it brings transcends generations, But still our people say the youth are the future, so I ask, these same youths? These youths who don’t even have the courage to speak out against evil? Evil that happens right under their noses? Evil that if not stopped will not just consume us all, but will consume our generations, yet on born.

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