Tuesday, 9 February 2016



Dear Sir,

Mr.President Sir, permit me to begin this letter without the requisite official protocol due to your high office owing to the urgency of its thrust.

I write you today with a bleeding heart knowing full well that the next four years would be a total waste for the people of Benue state. Before I will draw your attention to the gross-miss conduct and high level of incompetence been displayed by the Governor of Benue state to governance and the exercise of his basic responsibilities/duties, permit me to remind you of the following sir:

1. Sir, you came into office on the drum-beat of change.

2. We exalted you without blemish, and invested in you, what I love to call “Messianic Investment” this I believe was what saw you through the many unsuccessful campaign attacks; ranging from dictatorial past, Extremism, Certificate saga. We created a meme and synopsized as “EVEN IF BUHARI PRESENT A NEPA BILL, WE WILL STILL VOTE FOR HIM’’.

Majority of us just wanted change at the central government, believing that ifBuhari controls affairs at the Centre things will get better. All we wanted was for government to work for us or at least what most of us expected: transparency, prudence, probity and responsiveness. To us that still believe, hope and pray for a better Nigeria we knew and trusted that you were ready and capable to usher in a new Nigeria.

As an Agent of change and a patriotic citizen of my country, I have been having sleepless nights the way things are going on here in Benue state. After the inception of this government things are not really running properly. I allow my search light bimgo round few states of the federation and notable is my Governor’s counter-part from Adamawa state.

Adamawa state Governor, Senator Mohammed JibrilaBintow has over the last 100 days set the pace for what the citizens may expect in the course of Administration in future, focusing on road construction, he did ground-breaking of records from Labindo to Borrong, JabbiLaba to Borrong, Faro to Jamula and the dualisation of Yola bye-pass road. While three hospitals were also rehabilitated in the state, he also lunched the construction of 300 housing units at Bajabureindustial layout to address accommodation problems in the state.

On May 29, 2015 while taking over as the Governor Ortom promised to pursued peace and reconciliation in the state. He also promised to clear all outstanding salaries of workers, which his predecessor had accumulated. The Governor also declared that he will hit the ground running with his developmental plans, however, since taking overthe mantle of leadership, the state government is still in teething period, largely claiming to be studying the general situation on what the previous government left behind. Mr. president, it is worthy to note here that Dr. Ortom was actively involved in the previous administration, he was a minister of the federal government and by virture of his office then he was in the strong hold (caucus) or better still a policy maker on how the previous government was been ran and even if he wasn’t part of the administration for him to have shown interest to vie for the most exalted office of the state coupled with the level of desperation he (Ortom) exhibited left no one in doubt of his readiness to work for the people of Benue state; but since he has assumed office I don’t understand what is really going on, his administration just lacked direction, government is been ran like a village meeting.

Governance is all about responsibility, it is all about accepting challenges be it inherit. Your address to Nigerians on Independence Day (1stOct. 2015) speakvolumes “… my country men and women, every new government inherits problems. Ours was no different. But what Nigerians want are solutions, quick solutions not recitation of problems inherited”. But coming back home sir, things are really not going on properly, our Governor is fond of reciting problems inherited, I don’t know whether he feels by so doing he will get the sympathy of the masses. Our Governor is not just  prepared for the office he occupies.

Mr. president, it is worthy to note here too that Ortom’s administration has borrowed more money within a short space of time than any administration recorded in the history of Benue state aside the ₦28.5bbailout funds your humble office gave to the state; IGR over time has been accruing, subversion coming in steadily, all this monies totally to almost ₦100b within this short space of time. You will be shock to your bone marrow as I tell you categorically that despite all this huge money gotten by this administration workers’ salaries are still not paid up to four months, bailout funds were not completely disbursed, sir we are not talking of capital projects because Benue state people are deeply afraid that Ortom led-government can’t initial a construction of a covert not to talk of constructing a 5km long road. Mr. president ,the way things are going on here in Benue, the ruling party on which platform we gave you our mandate is slowing losing  out and her popularity is diminishing gradually and my president you know what that meant, the overall effect will be alarming.  Well, I will not bother you much with the effect of our Governor’s lack of service delivery knowing full well that you are not a novice.

Mr. president sir, it is for the interest of the poor electorates of Benue and out of patriotism that I humbly write to register my level of disappointment in Ortom’s administration and call on your good office to please call the Benue state Governor (Dr. Chief Samuel Ortom) to order. GONE IS THE ERA OF IMPUNITY, WE ARE IN THE ERA OF CHANGE AND EVERY PUBLIC OFFICE HOLDER MUST ACCOUNT FOR HIS STEWSHIP.

Finally, Ido ascribe to the principles and do support the demand for probity, transparency and accountability as enshrined in the laws of our country that your administration is pursuing with all vehemence, I laud and appreciate you for been gutsy in spite the pressure for fighting corruption as recorded so far.

I appreciate you once again for finding time to read my letter despite your tight schedules and thereafter responding to its prayers accordingly.

May God almighty give you more wisdom as you continue to steer the ship of Nigeria to greater heights.

Yours faithfully



  1. we need your identity to kown what you really want

  2. Mr. Chir, thank you for your courage and patriotism. You forgot to mention the plight of pensioners. Ignorant people would attribute the under development of Benue State to lack of resources. We have enough resources to manage the State, but we are unfortunate.
    I wonder if Benue State House of Assembly is aware of what is going on. Calling to order should have started from them, but it's like they are one and the same set of people. May the President's search light reach Benue State. Benue people are dying!!

  3. Good one,i tink A.P.C. members re listening