Monday, 15 February 2016


Good day, daybreak at last... The Bible tells us that" weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.

Welcome to your long anticipated joyous morning. Today, we watch resilience triumphed over intimidation, hope conquering despair and faith caging fear.

Today, by this singular act of bravery, democracy has come to stay in Idoma land forever.

We took our destiny in our hands on this day, and 16 years of a senatorial monarchy came to an end.

Never again, would a pupil in a classroom at St Francis Primary School Otukpo, define democracy as "government of the people, by one man and for his family."

Never again, would the innocence of our aged be exploited, when we reduce them to victims of false hope, when they waited in vain for a non existing "Apa state" .

Today, truth triumph over lies, this victory is for all of us. It is victory for men and women who answered our call to thumbprint for change at polling units.

It is victory for little Ngbede who is still wondering if after so many years of broken promises, a good road is possible in Agatu.

It is victory for Adiya in Oju and Orowi in Obi, who are 16 years old, but don't know what CONSTITUENCY BRIEFING looks or sounds like.

Go to Okpokwu, go to Ohimini, go to Ado, go to Apa, go to Ogbadibo, tell everyman and woman that FREEDOM has come to stay forever.

I thank my wife, Mrs Daniel Onjeh, for her sacrifices and prayers. She believed in this dream even when no one gave me a chance.

I thank my extended families, I thank every man and woman, who contributed in one way or the other, to bring about this highly cherished freedom.

I thank our party APC, for this chance to make this change. I am most grateful to the leadership and membership of our great party, for their priceless contributions.

Today, our journey to reconfigure Idomaland back to the configuration of HRH, Chief Agene Okpabi has started.

Our journey, to cleanse our land off the shackles of Machiavelli, introduced by those who enjoys "divide and rule" began on this day.

The journey ahead is real, though as a legislator, I shall seek and make use of every available avenue to lobby the Executives, both at state and Federal level, to address the infrastructural decay facing us today.

I need your support to make this happen, I need your prayers.

....TO BE CONTINUED! Daniel Onjeh

Enenche Enenche Comedian
13 February, 2016

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