Monday, 21 March 2016

Defectors from Benue PDP driven by pettiness — David Mark

Former President of the Senate, David Mark, has for the first time taken a swipe at some defectors from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Benue State, saying they were driven by pettiness and lack of principles.

Mark said that the party invested so much in them while he, as a leader, equally did everything possible to support some of them to rise to political stardom but they chose to abandon the party without any justification.

It would be recalled that the PDP in the Benue South Senatorial district was greeted by a gale of defections before the February 20, 2016 elections rerun, which David Mark also won.

Since then, Senator Mark had preferred not to speak on the matter, even though some analysts believed he was deeply pained due to the closeness of some of the defectors to him. He helped some of them to become Ministers under the PDP.

But his latest thank you visit to the nine Local Governments (LG) in his senatorial district, apparently provides a good opportunity to revisit some political issues and he didn’t shy away from carpeting the action of the defectors.

Specifically, Mark berated a former Minister of State for Education, Jerry Agada, while addressing party faithfuls at Ogbadigbo local government, saying he should have acted based on “principle and not pettiness.”

Agada is from Ogbadigbo and a once closed political follower of Mark until he defected to All Progressives Congress (APC). Mark was instrumental to his Ministerial appointment.

Meanwhile, Mark has tasked members of the PDP across Benue South to work for the rebuilding of the party, assuring them that the party remains the only platform that can protect their interest.

The PDP LG chairman in Ogbadigbo, Williams Atuka, assured Mark that the fortune of the party has not been diminished by the exit of defectors.

He said “the so-called decamping of the former PDP stakeholders and their supporters did not make any significant difference so we should concentrate all our efforts and resources on our new members and would-be members for stability and dominion in governance.

“Your victory has re-energised the party, restores hope that PDP is not dead but alive and has the capacity to overrun the forthcoming local government election in Benue state,” he added.

Atuka however pleaded with Mark to continue to ensure that a level playing is created for “popular candidates of impeccable characters to emerge irrespective of their family background, social-status or class.”

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