Friday, 8 April 2016

Benue PDP, a rudderless opposition? By Ejembi Ogwuche

All does not seem to be well with the Peoples Democratic Party ( PDP ) in Benue state.It is fast transforming from its formidable former attributes and status as a ruling party to a seemingly rudderless opposition been kept afloat by the resilience and adroitness of its committed and well disciplined media team.

This regression may not have been by design and it may also not have been a deliberate machination.It could be as a result of opportunism of some of it's members and the cynicism that followed its miserable outing in the last governorship poll in the state.

The PDP, which was once a franchise in the state and beyond is on the precipice and an unnoticeable decline.It is been decimated daily before our own eyes and is sure to descend into more pitiful situation in future if a party leader with a strong character and good will does not come to salvage it and charge the remnants of the party faithfuls to action.A clear leader must emerge to recharge the party before the faltering and fumbling ruling APC unleash electoral pogrom in the forthcoming council elections....

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