Thursday, 7 April 2016


People that are vested with the responsible to defend and protect our lives and properties by law, unknown to us are those very people that wanted us dead so that material benefits will be given to them.

I read a poorly written story as reported by ortom's media/Ict adviser Mr Tahav Agerzua were our governor stood before thousands of our people whom lost loved ones as a result of negligence of responsibility on the side of the benue state government.

I wept and wept and again when Our governor solicited for financial assistance from the federal government, global agencies, organisations and individuals to help rebuild the destroyed communities in Agatu and other affected places in the state.

I read with surprise as our governor altered such words, I queried because when this crises started, we all were here, we cried out for help but no one listened, although it never occurred to our imaginations that it is a calculated/­deliberate act from the government not to safe guard our people from the armed fulanis, so that financial benefits will be demanded later, just like what we saw today.

Ortom had all resources at his disposal to quench and restore peace to the affected places but he was adamant and this singular act he exhibited today at the land of Agatu where the soil is soaked to a fault with the blood of our children and grand parents proves beyond reasonable doubt that he deliberately allow our people to be killed so that today monetary value will be placed on the blood of our sons/daughters.

This is somebody who stood under oath and pledge to defend, protect and fight for his people and their properties. I was flaggbergasted when I read my governor recommended ranches after he saw with his eyes the trauma melted on his people he claimed to love and governed.

Killing and robbery has become the center stage in benue state, just yesterday news hit the air waves that a notorious young man who doubled as the youth leader of the Apc in Tarkaa local government was reported killed by armed herdsmen, the whole world bowed in shame and surprise as our governor came out to deny and claim it was accident that took the deceased life, through his media aide(Tahav Agerzua).

I want to conclude by reminding governor ortom of his constitutional contract he had with the good people of the state, he shouldn't place personal gain above the over all interest of the common people whom mandate made it necessary for him to become the governor today and lastly he should be guarded and sincere in the cause of feeding us with information.

Chir Msugh Iorwase Armstrong
Writes from Makurdi.

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