Monday, 25 April 2016


The leadership of the National Association of Idoma Students is shocked and heartbroken receiving the sad news of cult killings in Otukpo, it has been recorded that about 4 people have been killed in the barbaric game between cult groups in Otukpo, the centre of the Idoma Nation. This sad happening is coming shortly after the recent attack on Agatu people bringing the whole Idoma nation to deja vu of morning.

The President of the Association, Com Agada Joseph Anyebe calls on all Idoma Students to desist from any cult related activities or even aiding and abetting such, stating that such attributes are total deviance from the norms and values of the Idoma people, who are known to be resilient, hardworking, just and peaceful. Any action contrary to the values that binds the Idoma people reduces one's Idomaness and could count against a perpetrator in the future, maybe in politics and other useful endeavours.

The Association is also grateful to security agencies, Government and other agencies who are tirelessly working to restore peace to Otukpo town, and also to urge them to do more till a total peace is restored. In the interim all young people should avoid keeping late nights
till the sinister days are gone.And to aide security agencies and other interested Organisations informations that can help bring a halt to this menace.

As an Association We continue to preach peaceful coexistence, academic excellence and hard work which the Idoma students are known for and condemn cultism and other social vices in actualisation of the aspiration of the present administration of Change.


Com Joseph Agada Anyebe, National President (NAIS)

Com Olah Michael PRO(NAIS).

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